October 21, 2013

Bigg Boss 7-Day 36: Housemates fight over household chores

It’s been almost a month in the Bigg Boss House but the fight over household work seems to be endless within the inmates. While a few of them act responsible and take an initiative towards the maintenance of the house, the rest just find a reason to shed work every time. After Apurva was elected to be Captain this week, he made sure that he divides all the responsibility amongst the housemates to make this process smooth. However, Armaan Kohli is not happy with Apurva’s decision and thinks that the housemates are dumping work on him all the time. He feels that when Kushal is supposed to do the cleaning of the kitchen area, he is refraining from doing his share of work and nobody is noticing this. He expresses his displeasure to Tanishaa Mukherji while and tells Tanisha that he will not contribute to any household work till Apurva streamlines this process.

On the other hand, Vivek Mishra and Kushal Tandon get into a fight when Vivek tells Kushal to be little more careful while washing utensils and prevent the sink from getting water clogged. When Vivek is having this conversation,Kushal starts laughing as Pratyusha, Kamya Punjabi and Andy giggle listening to him. Vivek warns Kushal not to make fun of him and to start taking things seriously. Pratyusha Banerjee sprang to Kushal’s defense saying that they have been working and doing all this work even before he came into the house. Kushal then lashed out and got into a verbal spat when Vivek encroached into his personal space while other housemates try to control this situation.

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