October 17, 2013

Bigg Boss 7- Day 32: Jannat and Jahannum merge

Bigg Boss is known for its unexpected elements that create edge-of-the-seat moments for audiences keeping them glued to their television sets. This time around, the show brings a ‘Maha-twist’ in the tale thus raising  the overall entertainment quotient. The Bigg Boss house that was initially divided into Jannat and Jahannum will now merge giving all contestants unrestricted access to only Jannat. This means that the dreaded Jahannum house will be cordoned off and all the contestants that have been avoiding spending time with their nemesis will have to do just that.

For the past four weeks, contestants residing in the Jannat and Jahannum houses had to stand tall against the weekly ‘Tabadla’ that was based on the luxury budget task for that week. But from now onwards, all contestants will get the same facilities and luxuries, bringing them together as one.  However the sudden  turn of events in no way means that the contestants will now have a rosy stay in the Bigg Boss house. While the living conditions do get better, the number of beds and amount of sitting space in the Jannat house continue to remain as they currently are – thereby becoming a cause of  concern amongst contestants. Currently, the house contains enough sleeping space for only about 10 contestants – i.e. 5 double beds. So how will the contestants play the game to ensure everyone gets a comfortable sleep? Will ‘good friends’ Gauahar Khan and Kushal Tandon or Tanisha Mukherji and Armaan Kohli share beds to make life easier for the other contestants?

If the beds were not enough of an issue, contestants’ mornings promise to get just as tough. Not used to having more than 8 contestants at any given time, the Jannat house only has a single loo and single bathroom which will now have to be shared amicably between 12 contestants.

With the ever-changing equations and relationships between the contestants, it will prove to be a testing time for all as they come under one roof and spend time with each other 24x7. If anything, it will be interesting to see if the Jannat-wasis who have been living lavishly sacrifice their space and give a warm welcome to their fellow contestants, the Jahannum-wasis!

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