October 16, 2013

Bigg Boss 7- Day 31: Tanishaa Mujherji is Elli Avram’s agony aunt

A lot of people inside the Bigg Boss house have been talking about Tanisha’s indifferent nature since the last few weeks. After Gauahar Khan became the captain of the house, Tanisha has been giving her a cold shoulder. Post Jannatwasis lost in the task of ‘Shaitan and Farishte’, they were asked to stay in the garden area around the pool and only two people could enter the house premises at one time.

While Gauahar was serving breakfast to everybody, Elli Avram enters the kitchen saying that she needs paratha without oil but was asked to leave by Gauahar considering she was breaking the rule. She goes out crying and complaining to Tanisha about this whole incident.  Tanisha goes inside this time and demand for butter to Gauahar in a rude fashion. When Gauahar served her paratha without oil, Elli returned it saying that it was overcooked.

Gauahar, Kamya Punjabi including other house members do not appreciate Tanisha’s snooty attitude. The try to tell Tanisha that her attitude is not acceptable. Tanisha in turn accuses Gauahar of  being unfair with Elli and biased towards Pratyusha Banerjee.

With Tanisha’s attitude starting to tick people off, it will be interesting to see how far she will go in the game.

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