October 28, 2013

Bigg Boss 7- Day 43: Vote for Andy!!!

VJ Andy is one contestant in the Bigg Boss house who always seems to become a victim of circumstances since the beginning of the task. Be it a task, tabadla or captaincy, he never gets anything that he ever expected. He is often seen venting out his anger, expressing displeasure and even fighting with the housemates when he is treated in an unfair manner. This time, the contestants break the most important rule of the house by discussing the nominations amongst themselves in code language.

Before starting the procedure of nominations, Bigg Boss made an announcement that they have been found guilty for discussing nominations and breaking the rules in the presence of the captain. He asks Kushal Tandon to discuss with the housemates and take the names of five contestants who have initiated or encouraged such conversations. Their punishment would be direct nomination for next week. Also, they had to take the name of one contestant out of these five names who has contributed the most to the nominations discussion. After a while, Kushal and other housemates decide to select Andy and Bigg Boss decides that he will have to leave the house after the next announcement.

Andy gets extremely upset and says that has become a bakra again. Everybody has been targeting him from the beginning and even his friends did not try to save him. He also lashes out on Pratyusha and calls her a hypocrite. He tells her that she is too young to be on the show. Andy had to ultimately pack his bags and wait for Bigg Boss’s next announcement. Will Andy leave the Bigg Boss house forever now?

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  1. no he will not leave the house he will be shifted to CARAVAN.

  2. Andy will not get evicted but will join the wild card entries (Ajaz Khan, Candy Brar, Sofia Hayat) in the caravan area.


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