November 29, 2013

Bigg Boss - Day 75 Synopsis

This week’s luxury budget task ‘Kabhi Ha Kabhi Na’ seems to have created a lot of differences among the housemates. Early morning, Sofia and Kamya decide patch up while Kamya swears that she will never forgive Andy.

Andy hints at the captaincy nominations while he is having a conversation with Tanisha in the kitchen area while Gauahar chooses to ignore him. After Gauahar has left, Andy tells Tanisha that the housemates will never vote for him to be the next captain as they want to see him out of the house. Tanisha asks him to be optimistic and tries to calm him down. On the other hand, Armaan and Ajaz engage in a conversation about Sofia where they decide to maintain a distance from her because of her two faced attitude.

Later in the day, Bigg boss asks all the housemates to come up with two names who have been the best performers in the task. The selected people should also be ones who have actively participated in the house work. Kamya decides to play a trick and tries to influence the housemates to vote for Gauahar. She successfully manages to manipulate Sofia and Ajaz. The voting commences and there is a tie between Andy and Gauahar. Bigg Boss then decides to introduce another task as a tie- breaker.

For the task, Gauahar and Andy are required to take a plunge into the swimming pool wherein 65 bottles of chyawanprash of different flavours were placed on the floor of the swimming pool. Both Andy and Gauahar will be required to collect as many bottles as possible and throw them in the boxes that were kept near the pool. Each of them is allowed to choose one partner who will help them to put the bottles in the box. The person who collects the maximum number of the bottles will become the new captain of the house. While Kamya and team cheer for Gauahar, Andy gets support from Tanisha and Sangram.

Later Bigg Boss announces another quick task for Gauahar, Andy, Ajaz and Kushal named Kisko Pyaar Karu wherein Ajaz and Kushal have to impress Gauahar with their charm. Andy is asked to be the host of the task and make it more interesting for the housemates. Ajaz is the first one to try his luck and sings a romantic song for Gauahar. After Ajaz its Kushal’s turn who leaves everybody shell shocked by confessing his love for Gauahar and make it official in front of the world. He tells Gauahar that he wishes to grow old with her, listening to which Gauahar breaks into tears. In the second round, Ajaz fails to answer questions related to Gauahar’s likes and dislikes, while it was a cake walk for Kushal.

As a part of the third and the last round, Kushal and Ajaz both get to go on date with Gauhar where she appreciates Ajaz for his loving nature. In the end, she announces Kushal to be the winner of the task and also adds that it’s a wonderful feeling to be meeting a stranger on a show and falling in love with him. While Kushal and Gauahar are a happy couple now, Ajaz sulks over losing Gauahar to Kushal.

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Kushal confesses his love for Gauahar

Bigg Boss introduce a special task- kisko pyaar karun- wherein Ajaz and Kushal have to win Gauahar's heart. The winner will get a chance go on a date with Gauahar and the winner will be chosen by Gauahar basis a simple task. There are different rounds to test both the contenders. Andy was chosen as the host of the task. For the first round - talent round both Ajaz and Kushal sang songs for Gauahar.

In the second round they had to tell one thing they like about Gauahar- while Kushal says that he whether he wins the task or not, he would like to say in front of the whole world, his family and friends inside and outside the heart, that he loves Gauahar a lot and that he would like to grow old with her. Hearing this Gauahar starts crying.

Ajaz says that he is happy with Gauahar 's decision and in her happiness lies his happiness. He also says that whatever happens he will always love her. Later both Kushal and Ajaz are given 2 mins  spend with Gauahar and try win her over.When the time comes to announce the winner she tells

Ajaz that he's a very genuine person and glad to have known him but Kushal has always been the one who stood by her at every point so she chose her.

Ajaz was seen making fun of the whole thing and to make it more light and funny was heard  singing sad songs.

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Andy or Gauahar, who will be the new Captain?

‘Captain of the Bigg Boss house’ is undoubtedly the most coveted title and the one person who has been deprived of this title for the past 10 weeks is Andy.

Celebrating the success of the completion of the task, Bigg Boss announces that the housemates should nominate two contestants who have been the best performers in the luxury budget task. The selected people should also be the ones who have actively participated in the house work. They have to then write the names and put them in a ballot box. When the votes are counted, it is revealed that Andy and Gauahar Khan have received the maximum votes.

Bigg Boss then announces a task specially designed for the top 2 contestants of which, the winner will be declared as the next captain of the house. As a part of the task, 65 bottles of chyawanprash of different flavours were placed on the floor of the swimming pool. Both Andy and Gauahar will be required to get inside the pool, collect as many bottles as possible and throw them in the boxes that were kept near the pool. Each of them is allowed to choose one partner who will help them to put the bottles in the box. The person who collects the maximum number of the bottles will become the new captain of the house.

The task starts the moment the buzzer goes off and both Andy and Gauahar, jumped inside the pool and started collecting the bottles. What follows next can only be described as a stiff competition between Andy and Gauahar. So, will Andy’s dream of becoming the captain of the house finally come true?

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Meet Dulari…Laccha’s friend on Comedy Nights With Kapil

This weekend’s episode of Comedy Nights With Kapil holds many twists for the show’s ardent fans. While actor Saif Ali Khan joins the team to promote his upcoming film Bullett Raja, there are some more new faces that will entertain audiences. Stepping in will be popular television actor Gaurav Gera who will be seen donning the look of Dulari (Gaurav Gera).

Dulari’s character will be Laccha’s (Kiku) friend and the new girl in Kapil’s neighbourhood. During the course of the episode, Saif will be seen giving Laccha some tips on how to impress Dulari. In fact, Saif even reads out a love letter that Laccha has written for Dulari. However, Dulari has her eyes set on Saif Ali Khan as she tells him that the sound track Don’t Touch My Body from his upcoming movie is targeted at her. To prove her point, Dulari also danced to the song and showcased her moves.

Will Laccha manage to grab his girl or will Dulari prefer Saif Ali Khan instead?

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Is Armaan-Tanishaa's affection in Bigg Boss house real or reel?

Cute, elegant, financially independent, often tagged as a flop actress Tanishaa Mukherjee and screaming machine Armaan Kohli’s fondness towards each other is very evident.  He often mistreats her, abuse her and ask her to stay away from him...but then Tanuja’s daughter, Kajol’s sister, Ajay Devgn’s  sister-in-law make a puppy face and beseech with him to speak her to her nicely by saying, “Armaan ji,  aap mujhse aise baat kyun karte ho?

Armaan Kohli's girlfriend Tanya Singh to enter Bigg Boss? 

‘Is this affection real or reel?’ is the question on everyone's mind including Tanishaa. To confirm this on Wednesday night (27 November, 2013) she murmured in Armaan’s ear and asked him, "Kya hamaara ye relationship sirf dikhaawe ka hai?."

OMG Tanishaa Mukerji and Armaan Kohli caught in compromising position  

Armaan rolled her eyeballs, as if he was trying her to remind that they are under scrutiny of 82 cameras. Later he whispered, “Tanishaa ji yeh sab uthna baithna sirf dosti hai...aur kuch nahi.

This was expected to be aired in yesterday’s episode (28th November, 2013) but this bit was chopped.

-K Himaanshu Shukla...

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November 28, 2013

Bigg Boss 7 - Day 74 Synopsis

Early morning, Andy is seen discussing about the strategy of the previous day’s task with Tanisha Mukherjee and how they managed to win it. On the other hand, Kamya Punjabi is upset with Andy and team for being a spoil sport. Gauahar Khan and Kushal Tandon join Kamya in the discussion and decide not to cook food for the other team members. Tanisha and Andy do not appreciate Kamya and team’s behaviour as they are taking their task lead differences on a personal level.

Later, Gauahar purposely raises the topic of breakfast in front of Tanisha and Andy to make them feel resentful. After Gauahar leaves, Armaan whispers in Tanisha’s ears that Gauahar is just trying to trouble them and they should avoid such comments.  Tanisha and Andy badmouth about Gauahar saying that she has been ill-treating Ajaz Khan since the time Kushal has re-entered the house.

During the course of the day, Bigg boss announce a task for the housemates called ‘the remote control’ task. The housemates can earn additional bonus points by performing well in this task. The task is divided into various steps- pause, play, fast forward and rewind. When Bigg boss orders the housemate to pause, they will have to freeze in the position they are currently in. Play mode will stand for normal movements while in fast forward, the housemates will have to accelerate their movements. Lastly, in the rewind mode, they will be required to repeat their movements. Following the orders of Bigg Boss, they have to attain different modes and continue doing it till the next order.

Once the task is launched, the housemates break into different modes instantly following the orders of Bigg Boss. While they are performing the task and are in a pause mode, Andy’s mother enters from the confession room while Andy is taken aback with surprise.  Andy couldn’t hold back his tears while his mother gives him a tight hug.  Even Armaan and Ajaz burst into tears as Andy’s mother kisses them on their forehead. Further, Bigg Boss orders Andy to get into the play mode when he runs and hugs his mother.

Later Armaan requests Bigg Boss to order play mode as he wants to touch Andy’s mother’s feet and seek blessing. On doing so, Armaan including other housemates run towards her and embraces her.

Later in the afternoon, Tanisha spoils the meal while Armaan feels bad and leaves the place infuriated declaring that won’t have food. Tanisha tries to convince him but in vain. Tanisha feels dreadful about Armaan’s attitude and decides not to eat food. Armaan calls Andy to resolve things but the matter gets even worse.

Ajaz who is on-looking this drama pokes fun by saying that Tanisha should write a book on 101 ways to convince Armaan and Tanisha, and for Gauahar and Kushal it should be 101 ways love each other.

Later in the day, all the housemates are asked to be in the pause mode when Sangram’s girlfriend Payal Rohtagi enters the house. She hugs Sangram Singh and starts crying. She leaves a message for Gauahar that Sangram has always been fair and is a clean hearted person and she is quite hurt by Gauahar’s remarks that she has made in the show. She thanks Andy for taking care of Sangram all this while.

While the housemates are still trying to cope up with the outflow of emotions, the loud mouth Dolly Bindra enters the house when Bigg Boss orders them to attain the fast forward mode.

She leaves a message for saying that his movie shoot has been postponed when Ajaz breathes a sigh of relief. She further wishes everybody good luck and leaves the house.

Late in the evening, Gauahar’s sister Nigaar Khan enters the house. Looking at Nigaar entering the house, Gauahar breaks down as she feels helpless. But as Bigg Boss orders play, the sisters share a tearful moment..

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TVT(TRP) & GVT(GRP) Ratings from 17th November, 2013 to 23rd November,2013(weel 47)

GVTs of Channels

  • Star Plus 560497 (529193)
  • Colors 513415 (479010)
  • Zee TV 433447 (440447)
  • Life OK 335013 (340200)
  • SAB 308133 (315637)
  • Sony 269332 (297801)
  • Sahara One 30429 (35749)

Star Plus
  • Diya Aur Baati Hum 12298 (11223)
  • Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8290 (7708)
  • Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7863(7113)
  • Pyaar Ka Dard Hai Meetha Meetha Pyaara Pyaara 7351(7694)
  • Mahabharat 6835 (5807)
  • Saraswatichandra 5071 (4803)
  • Veera 4948 (4457)
  • Nach Baliye 6: 4736 (4741)
  • Meri Bhabi 4301 (3624)
  • Ek Ghar Banaunga 3808 (3583)
  • Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon…Ek Baar Phir 2744 (2514)
  • Arjun 2001 (1989)

  • Comedy Nights With Kapil 8464 (8588)
  • Balika Vadhu 6684 (7298)
  • Sasural Simar Ka 5905 (6182)
  • Bigg Boss 5491 (5316)
  • Madhubala 4749 (4473)
  • Uttaran 3645 (4096)
  • Bani 3422 (4201)
  • 24: 3058 (2881)
  • Sanskaar 2101 (2088)

  • CID 5254 (4744)
  • Crime Patrol 3255 (3887)
  • KBC 3248 (3738)
  • Maharana Pratap 3054 (2922)
  • Adaalat 2348 (2326)
  • Comedy Circus 2107 (2262)
  • Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 1885 (1988)
  • Jee Le Zara 1722 (1501)
  • Bhoot Aya 1662 (1792)
  • Nandani 967 (850)
  • Kitchen Khiladi 744 (782)
  • Amita Ka Amit 631 (680)

Zee TV
  • Jodha Akbar 9801 (9176)
  • Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 6034 (5742)
  • Qubool Hai 5830 (5646)
  • Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 5019 (5622)
  • Pavitra Rishta 5043 (4879)
  • Dance India Dance -4: 4666 (5311)
  • Ek Mutthi Aasman 3971(3619)
  • Punar Vivah 3789 (3540)
  • Fear Files 2856 (3135)
  • Aankh Micholi 2822 (2446)
  • Bh Se Bhade 1650 (2080)
  • Buddha 592 (720)

Life OK
  • Hum Ne Li Hai… Shapath 4057(4392)
  • Mahadev 3212 (3693)
  • Gustakh Dil 3131(2939)
  • Savdhan India 3035 (2848)
  • Ek Boond Ishq 2834 (3112)
  • Do Dil Ek Jaan 1494 (1472)
  • Tumhari Pakhi 1877 (2068)
  • Kaisa Yeh Isqh Hai 1811 (1708)
  • Rakshak 1236 (1185)

  • Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah 8856 (7782)
  • Chidiya Ghar 3479 (3265)
  • Baalveer 3293 (3134)
  • Jeannie Aur Juju 2290 (2006)
  • FIR 1954 (1715)
  • Lapataganj 1921 (1896)
  • Wah Wah Kya Baat Hai 1391 (1364)
  • Jo Biwi Se Kare Pyar 1306 (1439)
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Bigg Boss 7 -Day 74 : Emotional rendezvous in Bigg Boss house

This week Bigg Boss house played host to some guest and these guest were friends and family members of the contestants.

Bigg Boss announced a special task- Remote Control task - giving the housemates a chance to earn more points.

Bigg Boss announced that whenever he will give instructions of ‘pause’ they will have to stop whatever they are doing and freeze unless he releases them by saying ‘play’. As part of the task, contestants family members entered the house to meet them

First to enter was Andy’s mother, who entered the house shouting ‘Vote for Andy’.

As soon as Andy saw her, he ran to her and hugged her, but before he could say anything Bigg Boss commands everyone to be ‘pause’.

Andy’s mother starts moving everywhere in the house and meets everyone.

After a couple of minutes, Bigg Boss asked her to say goodbye to everyone, and he also releases everyone after saying ‘play’.

Andy gets to meet his mom for couple minutes, before she’s asked to bid good bye to everyone

Next to enter the house was Sangram’s fellow wrestler friend Yogeshwar. He came and hugged his friend and wished him and everyone luck, and also said that he is doing well in the show.

Next to enter was Kamya’s mother. Kamya was seen crying profusely after seeing even though she was in ‘pause’ mode.

When Sangram’s girlfriend Payal Rohatgi entered the house, it was nothing short of a surprise for him as he was taking a steam from a tub with his head covered with a towel. When she came and lifted the towel from his head, even before he could react, Bigg Boss commanded everyone to be paused.

Next to enter the house was ex-contestant of Bigg Boss Dolly Bindra. When she entered the house, the atmosphere of the house changed completely. Sangram even lifter her for a moment.

After seeing everyone’s relative, Gauahar also wished that her sister Nigaar Khan could come and her wish came immediately true when she entered the house singing a song. But even before she could say anything, Bigg Boss commands everyone to be pause, but Gauahar’s tears continues to flow. Nigaar is seen hugging and kissing her sister and showering love on her.

Will this visit from the contestants loved ones motivate them to be in the house till the end or not?

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Shweta Kawatra approached to play Jaya Bachchan's daughter-in-law in Vasundhara?

After Amitabh Bachchan, his wife jaya is all set to make small screen debut with a show title Vasundhara. It is based on the Gujarati novel Yog Viyog which was written by Kajal Oza Vaidya. Jaya is playing a strong & dignified lady, she takes the fact that her husband had left her with a pinch of salt. Jaya is playing a single parent with 4 kids.  According to latest buzz, Shweta Kawatra, who shot to fame from Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii is approached to play a meaty role in the show.
According to our reliable sources, “Shweta is approached to play Jaya Bachchan’s eldest daughter-in law. And if everything goes well than Shweta (who earlier played a vamp in Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii) will again seen playing a negative character.”

All our efforts to reach Shweta were in vain.

-K Himaanshu Shukla...

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November 27, 2013

Bigg Boss 7-Day 73 Synopsis

Today’s the day for role reversals and all the members of the Virodhi team are looking forward to giving tasks to the Hukumat team. Taking the game sportingly, Ajaz challenges the opposing team to go ahead and present difficult tasks for them, to which Gauahar tells him that she will ensure it is the worst task day for him. Ajaz agrees to even do the push-ups and weight-lifting tasks. Kamya butts in saying that their team will not target the injured contestants like Andy and Tanisha targeted Armaan.

Andy plots with the team that together they would waste time and utilize this strategy to win the task. The team agrees with his strategy because the task rules do not put a time limit. Only with the intension to tease, Kushal tells Sangram that he will make him dance to an item number to which Sangram immediately responds that he will not do it.

Once the task begins, the new Hukumat team steps into the store room to strategize the first task. Ajaz runs behind them and overhears that the first task is being planned for him. In order to avoid the task, Ajaz rushes to the washroom and locks himself inside.

The Hukumat team, however, changes their strategy and give the first task for the day to Andy. He is asked to carry out 50 push-ups while doing a handstand. Hearing the task, Andy tells the Hukumat team that the task is impossible and that he, along with his team, will discuss this task with the captain. Andy then calls his team members and asks them to waste time. Realizing that this is their strategy Gauahar complains about this and picks fights with the opposing team for wasting time. In the heat of the moment, Armaan yells at Tanishaa and she yells right back at him. Hearing this, Armaan gets shocked, but Gauahar calms him down. Finally, Andy gets ready to perform the task. However, once he starts, the overall situation gets very noisy. Because of this, Sofia intervenes as captain and decides to not award any points to either of the two teams.

The next task is assigned to Ajaz and he is told to shave his head within a span of 5 minutes. Ajaz refuses to do the task and as per the team’s strategy, starts wasting time again. Sofia intervenes once more and tells him that since the task is not impossible, he will be required to do it if he wishes to earn a point for his team. However, Ajaz blatantly refuses to shave his head and the Hukumat team wins a point.

Later in the day, as Sofia gives the teams a washroom break, the Hukumat team professes their anger. They complain to Bigg Boss that their captain, i.e. Sofia is unfair and that they immediately wish to elect a new captain, without which they will not continue the task. The Virodhi team goes to the washroom for their break and wastes more than an hour there. Seeing how everything is moving, the Hukumat team decides to boycott not only the captain, but also the task on a whole.

The stomp into the living room while expressing their frustration towards the opposing team. They also decide that they will not make food for the housemates on that day. Seeing the heated situation, the Virodhi team keeps out of it all and remain calm. However, after some time, Ajaz gets aggravated because they pass some personal comments about him. The rest of the team calms him down and asks him to take his revenge later.

As the luxury budget task comes to an end, Andy’s team is declared the winner. Hearing the good news, Sofia does a quick victory dance.

As the day draws to a close, Ajaz speaks out about him feelings. He says that the Bigg Boss house and his fellow contestants have taught him a lot of lessons about life. He goes on to say that Kushal and Gauahar have hurt him and he will ensure that he gets his revenge before he leaves the house.

Will Ajaz change his mind? Will the contestants learn to live amicably? Only time will tell…

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Yash Sinha and Amrapali Gupta eliminated from Nach Baliye 6

The latest celebrity couple to get eliminated from the sixth season of the celebrity dance reality show, Nach Baliye, is of Yash Sinha and his wife Amrapali Gupta.

Yash and Amrapali's is second jodi to get eliminated after 'Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai' fame Lata Sabharwal and Sanjeev Seth.

-K Himaanshu Shukla...

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Bigg Boss 7- Day 73: Kabhi haa kabhi naa, becomes naa naa

Day of the task starts, interchange between the teams happen, the Hukumat team becomes Virodhi team and the Virodhi team becomes Hukumat.The Hukumat team- Kamya, Gauahar, Kushal and Armaan make a list of tasks they will give the Virodhi team- Ajaz, Andy, Sofia, Sangram and Tanisha. They decide to give the first task to Ajaz, but they give it to Andy, since Ajaz was in the washroom and wasting time.

Andy has to hand-stand and do 50 dips in 4 mins, he agrees to do it. But neither of the team earns any point as the captain said that since everyone was shouting during the task, she couldn’t hear the count and also couldn’t keep a track of the time.

Next task they give it to Sangram with a hoola –hoop. Sangram agrees to do the task, but fails, which earns the Hukumat team a point.

Next they ask Ajaz to go bald in 3 mins, but he refuses to do it and loses a point. Next they give Tanisha a task with hoola-hoop. The Virodhi team asks for time to come to a decision.

Initially they agree, but realize that the Virodhi team is on purpose taking too long, Further they oppose saying that they are wasting too much time.

The Hukumat team decide to boycott the task and say that the captain is being unfair to them and is biased to the Virodhi team. The Virodhi team becomes successful in their strategy of wasting the Hukumat team’s time.

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Armaan Kohli's girlfriend Tanya Singh to enter Bigg Boss?

We were the first one to report that Armaan Kohli is engaged to Tanya Singh (Kapoor) and she is living with Armaan’s parents. She is a divorcee and has a 8-10 years old son.

According to latest buzz, Tanya is expected to enter in Bigg Boss. Talks are yet going on with the channel, and Tanya might enter in the Bigg Boss house along with VJ Andy’s mother, Gauahar Khan’s sister Nigaar, Kamya Punjabi’s mother, Sangram Singh’s girlfriend Payal Rohtagi.

Motor-mouth Dolly Bindra is also likely to enter in the house of controversy. For those uninitiated, Armaan took his then girlfriend Moon Moon Banerjee on a trip to Mauritius to celebrate Valentine’s Day. There he tried to beat and kill her, after which he was arrested. He even tried to commit suicide. This was reported to the police by ex-Bigg Boss contestant Dolly Bindra, who was also there with her husband Kaizad.

In the coming week special freeze task will be introduced wherein close friends or family members of the inmates enter in the house while the contestants have to remain in a statue position. During the task the contestants are not allowed to talk to anybody or react or show any kind of emotion.

This particular episode is expected to shot today (27 November, 2013) and will telecast on Thursday (28 November, 2013).

-K Himaanshu Shukla...

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November 26, 2013

Bigg Boss 7- Day 72 Synopsis

In the morning, Ajaz observes a change in Gauahar’s behaviour towards him following Kushal’s re-entry and he speaks to Kamya about. Ajaz further adds that Gauahar was pleasant to him when Kushal was not in the house, but now she is being very mean and playing a dirty game. He closed the conversation saying that he will now ignore her completely and not consider her to be a friend anymore.

In another part of the house, Kushal has not learnt from the previous day’s kitchen lockdown and tells all the contestants that he does not find it necessary to wear the mikes after the lights have been turned off for the day.

On the other hand, Kamya gets upset with Ajaz because he is avoiding household chores. Stepping in as captain, Sofia approaches Ajaz and asks him to clean the house. Ajaz ignores her and says that nobody does any house work on a task day. Sofia conveys this to Kamya who gets shocked and tells Sofia that she needs to be more responsible as a captain. Getting motivated by this, Sofia tries once more to convince Ajaz and tells him that all the housemates are angry with him because he is avoiding work. Ajaz tries to clear the air about misunderstandings only to have Kamya tell him that there seems to be some miscommunication from Sofia’s end. Having had enough of Sofia’s miscommunication, Kushal has a showdown with Sofia and asks her to stop spreading rumours about all contestants.

After the fight quietens down, Armaan makes Tanisha understand that she needs to maintain distance from Ajaz. While Tanisha initially questions Armaan’s intentions, she eventually apologizes to him and agrees with his views.

Further, Bigg Boss introduces this week’s luxury budget task – ‘Kabhi Haan, Kabhi Naa’ where he places the power to decide daily tasks in the hands of the contestants. For the duration of the task, the Bigg Boss housemates have been divided into two teams – the Hukumat team comprising of Ajaz, Andy, Sangram, Sofia and Tanisha, and the Virodhi team comprising of Armaan, Gauahar, Kamya and Kushal.

As a part of the task, the ‘Hukumat’ team has to give the ‘Virodhi’ team various tasks throughout the day, wherein if the ‘Virodhi’ team says ‘No’ to perform the task, then the ‘Hukumat’ team will earn a point. The first person from the ‘Virodhi’ team to be asked to perform a task is Armaan. He is asked to do a hand-stand in the sun for half an hour. However, the Virodhi team refuses to do it claiming that the task is impossible to achieve. After considering their perspective, the Hukumat team agrees to reduce the time limit to 12 minutes. Armaan agrees to participate in the task, but fails to complete it.

Next, Kushal is asked by the Hukumat team to drink the water out of Heaven’s bowl. After hearing the announcement of this task, Gauahar is seen arguing with the Hukumat team that the task is inhuman and unfair towards Kushal. However, being sporty, Kushal agrees to do the task and drinks the water in one gulp. Soon thereafter, Kushal runs to the washroom to throw up the water that he had consumed. Later, after the task is complete, Gauahar, Kamya and Armaan are seen discussing how insensitive everyone in the Hukumat team is.

The next task is given to Kamya, wherein she is asked to eat 5 karelas in 15 minutes wgile wearing a monkey suit. However, after eating 2 karelas, Kamya is unable to eat any more and fails at completing the task. Next, Armaan and Kushal are asked to balance themselves in the push-up position for 10 minutes. But, after balancing for about 2 minutes, Armaan gives up owing to the pain in his hands. In between the task, both the teams were seen arguing with each other over the possibility of completing the tasks being assigned to them.

After being unsuccessful at completing two tasks, Armaan is begins to feel really upset and breaks down. Later, out of frustration he pulls Tanisha’s chair. He then proceeds to insult her and tells her to go away. Feeling offended, Tanisha leaves the sitting area in anger. She also decides to shift her bedding and ignore Armaan for the rest of the game.

Once the task comes to an end for the day, Armaan warns the Hukumat team that he will take his revenge and target their weakness’. Later Sangram and Ajaz make fun of Armaan and Kushal over their failure to complete the task. Ajaz calls Kushal a poor choice made by Gauahar. He also says that he has come to Bigg Boss only for Gauahar.

Later in the evening, when all the housemates are chilling in the living area, Kushal says that he will take his revenge and make them do worse tasks. 

Will the Virodhi team get their revenge?

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Bigg Boss 7- Day 72: Kabhi Haan, Kabhi Naa

The Bigg Boss contestants, especially this season, have been very rebellious. Keeping this in mind, Bigg Boss introduced this week’s luxury budget task – ‘Kabhi Haan, Kabhi Naa’ where he placed the power to decide daily tasks in the hands of the contestants. For the duration of the task, the Bigg Boss housemates have been divided into two teams – the Hukumat team comprising of Ajaz Khan,  VJ Andy, Sangram Singh, Sofia Hayat and Tanisha Mukherjee, and the Virodhi team comprising of Armaan Kohli, Gauahar Khan, Kamya Punjabi and Kushal Tandon.

As a part of the task, the ‘Hukumat’ team has to give the ‘Virodhi’ team various tasks throughout the day, to which if the ‘Virodhi’ team say ‘No’, then the ‘Hukumat’ team will earn a point. The first person from the ‘Virodhi’ team to be asked to perform a task is Armaan. He is asked to hand-stand in the sun for half an hour. However, the Virodhi team refuses to do it claiming that the task is impossible to achieve. After considering their perspective, the Hukumat team agrees to reduce the time limit to 12 minutes. Armaan agrees to participate in the task, but fails to complete it.

The next task is given to Kamya, wherein she is asked to eat 5 karelas in 15 minutes, wearing a monkey suit which she promptly agrees to complete. However, after eating 2 karelas, Kamya is unable to eat any more and fails at completing the task. Next Kushal and Armaan were asked to balance themselves in the push-up position for 10 minutes. But, after balancing for about 2 mins, Armaan gives up owing to pain in his hands. In between the task, both the teams were seen arguing with each other over the possibility of completing the tasks being assigned to them.

Will the contestants learn exactly how tough the Bigg Boss game is?

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Is everything okay between Jay Bhanushali and Mahhi Vij?

Love Birds Jay Bhanushali and Mahhi Vij tied the knot in November, 2011, were last seen together in 5th season of Nach Baliye. The couple is going through a tough time in their married life, due to communion issues. 

A little birdie told us, “Jay doesn’t give enough time to her beloved wife. And Mahhi is possessive of him. The matters went from worse to worst when the couple send divorce papers to each other. But later they patched up.”

Another source close to Mahhi defended her by saying that, “Every couple fights and often about similar things. What's the big deal?  Everything is fine between the couple.

Jay and Mahhi, remained unavailable to comment.

-K Himaanshu Shukla...

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November 25, 2013

Bigg Boss 7- Day 71 Synopsis

After Elli’s exit, the Bigg Boss housemates especially Sangram have been missing her a lot. In fact, he seems to have lost the game spirit post Elli’s exit. Early in the morning Andy, Tanisha and Armaan are having a discussion where Andy tells Armaan about Kamya’s strategy which she has been following to stay in the game. He mentions that Kamya is a person who uses everybody as weapons to support her in her game plan. Ajaz and Sofia are found planning the nominations and mention that they want Tanishaa and Kushal out of the game.

Kamya is seen crying in the washroom because it is her wedding anniversary and is sharing her concerns with Sangram who gives her a shoulder to cry on. Kamya tells Sangram that she was a very different person 10 years back and she wants to relive those happy times. Sangram advises her to patch up with her husband. After a heart-to-heart conversation with Sangram, Kamya feels enlightened and goes back inside the house with a smile on her face.

Later in the day, Bigg Boss calls the housemates to the living area and makes an announcement about the punishment that they have to undergo owing to violation of the house rules. Even after repeated warnings, the housemates including the captain have been making the same mistakes and are often found speaking in English and discussing nominations. As a result, Bigg Boss punishes the contestants by closing the kitchen for 24 hours with absolutely zero access and 9 bananas to survive during this time.

To add to their troubles, the housemates have to undergo the nominations procedure on an empty stomach. Aside from Sofia and Andy who are safe from nominations and Sangram who is already nominated after losing the task, the housemates have to openly nominate two other people.

Later in the evening, Sofia and Armaan are caught fighting over petty issues where Armaan gets irritated and screams at Sofia for misbehaving with him. Sofia gets annoyed and asks him to lower his voice. Further agitated, Armaan tells Bigg Boss that Sofia is mentally unstable and does not deserve to continue living in the Bigg Boss house.

By the end of the day, the housemates are longing for food and decide to apologise to Bigg Boss while requesting him to end their punishment. Armaan takes the lead and tells Bigg Boss that he will monitor everyone and ensure that no rules are broken going forwarad. To distract themselves from the topic of food, Armaan and Ajaz plan a secret task to trouble the housemates. Sofia overhears their devious plan and shares the information with everyone before Armaan and Ajaz can execute their task.

With the limitations on the amount of food that the housemates can consume, will the housemates be able to survive in the house and complete their punishment or will Bigg Boss give them another chance to repent?

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