November 19, 2013

Bigg Boss 7- Day 65 :Chor-Police take over the Bigg Boss house

After playing Commandos in the task last week, the contestants in the Bigg Boss house are all set to don the roles of cops and robbers for this week’s luxury budget task, Chor aur Police. As a part of the task, the contestants are being divided into two groups with Andy, Sofia Hayat, Tanishaa Mukherjee and Ajaz Khan playing the role of the thieves while Armaan Kohli, Gauahar Khan, Elli Avram and Sangram Singh will be the strong law-abiding cops. Kamya Punjabi, being the Captain of the house, will overlook the task and ensure that all the housemates abide by the rules of the game.

As robbers, the contestants have been asked to stealthily rob some of the personal belongings of the cops and sneak them into the store room. If caught red-handed, the police were given the authority to place the robbers in a jail placed in the garden area. The team of cops will not be allowed to patrol the house, but will instead stay in the garden area. Additionally, a briefcase will be placed near the pool tied to a rope which has to be protected by the police. During the course of the task, one member of the police team will be required to hold on to the rope at all times and safeguard the briefcase.

As the day progressed, Andy attempts to steal Armaan’s belongings…only to find himself locked in the prison as he gets caught red-handed. Luck seems to be on Ajaz’s side as he successfully manages to steal Gauahar’s bag and place it in the store room, but that runs out soon too as he gets caught on his second attempt and spends the rest of his day behind bars. The female members of the robber team, however, are a lot more successful as Sofia and Tanishaa steal Gauahar and Kamya’s belongings and put them in the store room.

As a result of this, the cop team becomes more alert and keeps a close eye on the thieves to ensure that victory is theirs! So, will the thieves manage to outsmart the cops once again? Only time will tell…

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