November 27, 2013

Bigg Boss 7- Day 73: Kabhi haa kabhi naa, becomes naa naa

Day of the task starts, interchange between the teams happen, the Hukumat team becomes Virodhi team and the Virodhi team becomes Hukumat.The Hukumat team- Kamya, Gauahar, Kushal and Armaan make a list of tasks they will give the Virodhi team- Ajaz, Andy, Sofia, Sangram and Tanisha. They decide to give the first task to Ajaz, but they give it to Andy, since Ajaz was in the washroom and wasting time.

Andy has to hand-stand and do 50 dips in 4 mins, he agrees to do it. But neither of the team earns any point as the captain said that since everyone was shouting during the task, she couldn’t hear the count and also couldn’t keep a track of the time.

Next task they give it to Sangram with a hoola –hoop. Sangram agrees to do the task, but fails, which earns the Hukumat team a point.

Next they ask Ajaz to go bald in 3 mins, but he refuses to do it and loses a point. Next they give Tanisha a task with hoola-hoop. The Virodhi team asks for time to come to a decision.

Initially they agree, but realize that the Virodhi team is on purpose taking too long, Further they oppose saying that they are wasting too much time.

The Hukumat team decide to boycott the task and say that the captain is being unfair to them and is biased to the Virodhi team. The Virodhi team becomes successful in their strategy of wasting the Hukumat team’s time.

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