November 26, 2013

Bigg Boss 7- Day 72: Kabhi Haan, Kabhi Naa

The Bigg Boss contestants, especially this season, have been very rebellious. Keeping this in mind, Bigg Boss introduced this week’s luxury budget task – ‘Kabhi Haan, Kabhi Naa’ where he placed the power to decide daily tasks in the hands of the contestants. For the duration of the task, the Bigg Boss housemates have been divided into two teams – the Hukumat team comprising of Ajaz Khan,  VJ Andy, Sangram Singh, Sofia Hayat and Tanisha Mukherjee, and the Virodhi team comprising of Armaan Kohli, Gauahar Khan, Kamya Punjabi and Kushal Tandon.

As a part of the task, the ‘Hukumat’ team has to give the ‘Virodhi’ team various tasks throughout the day, to which if the ‘Virodhi’ team say ‘No’, then the ‘Hukumat’ team will earn a point. The first person from the ‘Virodhi’ team to be asked to perform a task is Armaan. He is asked to hand-stand in the sun for half an hour. However, the Virodhi team refuses to do it claiming that the task is impossible to achieve. After considering their perspective, the Hukumat team agrees to reduce the time limit to 12 minutes. Armaan agrees to participate in the task, but fails to complete it.

The next task is given to Kamya, wherein she is asked to eat 5 karelas in 15 minutes, wearing a monkey suit which she promptly agrees to complete. However, after eating 2 karelas, Kamya is unable to eat any more and fails at completing the task. Next Kushal and Armaan were asked to balance themselves in the push-up position for 10 minutes. But, after balancing for about 2 mins, Armaan gives up owing to pain in his hands. In between the task, both the teams were seen arguing with each other over the possibility of completing the tasks being assigned to them.

Will the contestants learn exactly how tough the Bigg Boss game is?

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