November 29, 2013

Kushal confesses his love for Gauahar

Bigg Boss introduce a special task- kisko pyaar karun- wherein Ajaz and Kushal have to win Gauahar's heart. The winner will get a chance go on a date with Gauahar and the winner will be chosen by Gauahar basis a simple task. There are different rounds to test both the contenders. Andy was chosen as the host of the task. For the first round - talent round both Ajaz and Kushal sang songs for Gauahar.

In the second round they had to tell one thing they like about Gauahar- while Kushal says that he whether he wins the task or not, he would like to say in front of the whole world, his family and friends inside and outside the heart, that he loves Gauahar a lot and that he would like to grow old with her. Hearing this Gauahar starts crying.

Ajaz says that he is happy with Gauahar 's decision and in her happiness lies his happiness. He also says that whatever happens he will always love her. Later both Kushal and Ajaz are given 2 mins  spend with Gauahar and try win her over.When the time comes to announce the winner she tells

Ajaz that he's a very genuine person and glad to have known him but Kushal has always been the one who stood by her at every point so she chose her.

Ajaz was seen making fun of the whole thing and to make it more light and funny was heard  singing sad songs.

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