December 07, 2013

British actress Sofia Hayat's Bigg Boss journey comes to an end

Sofia Hayat entered Bigg Boss as a wild card entrant a few weeks back. This British singer-cum-actress came into the house with a lot of spunk and never-say-die attitude. Though initially, she entered the caravan section of the house, she soon step into the main Bigg Boss house where she mingled with all the contestants. However, Andy, who she met in the caravan continued to be her friend all throughout.

Initially, Sofia took time to understand the dynamics of the game as the house was divided into two distinct groups- one led by Armaan while the other by Gauahar and Kamya. Eventually, she chose to befriend Gauahar and Kamya and joined hands with them in playing the game while adopting the divide and rule tactic. But situations did not work in her favor and she ended up switching sides. Owing to her double-faced and deceitful nature, she attracted a lot of criticism from the housemates and was often referred to as Kerosene. On a regular day, she would pick up a fight with one of the housemates that sometimes would be completely baseless. Sofia was often seen talking about her gruesome past and would always appear phobic of fights even though she didnt hesitate from igniting the proverbial fire between others. But she was compelled to raise her voice when she got into a fight with Armaan and even decided to leave the house.

During her stay in the house, Sofia entertained everybody with her singing talent and funny anecdotes that she would narrate in broken Hindi. Speaking on her experience, Sofia Hayat said, “I had never watched a single season of Bigg Boss and had a very little idea about what I was getting into. But at the end of my journey in the house, I have learned a lot of things and was able to sail through all the testing times. Having said that, I do not regret a single moment spent in the house, though I faced disagreement with many people in the house.

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