December 04, 2013

Bigg Boss 7- Day 80: Gauahar Loses Control!

As we all saw, that Gauahar has been elected to be the Captain of the Bigg Boss house once again after defeating VJ Andy. And viewers will also see that, she has been quite happy and proud about her accomplishments. But little did she know about what would be in store for her this time around with the luxury budget task taking an ugly turn. Under the supervision of Gauahar, the luxury budget task has not only witnessed some grimy personal statements but has also put her in a bad spot where her leadership skills were being questioned.

On the second day of the task, triggered by the stress of constantly working towards achieving production targets for stuffed toys, Gauahar and Tanishaa Mukherjee’s anguish resurfaces and the ladies get into a verbal spat. Tanishaa like always blames Gauahar for being biased and failing to control team members who have resorted to using cheap tactics in order to win the task. The war stretches further when Tanishaa makes fun of Gauahar’s health. To top it all, Gauahar also has an argument with her closest female friend Kamya Punjabi, who has been very upset because of her team members. Even though she tried her best to take control of all the situations that arose during the course of the task, the fights and squabbles continued and by the end of the day, all Gauahar could do is cry on Kushal tandon’s shoulder.

With the housemates criticizing Gauahar’s leadership qualities, will the ever enthusiastic Gauahar be able bounce back to her normal self?

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Anonymous said...

GAUHAR KHAN - nautanki ek number ki.

Anonymous said...

Love gauhar..she has been really fair...tanisha is such a chamchi of armaan uncle

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