December 08, 2013

Madhuri Dixit Nene & Huma Qureshi in Bigg Boss 7 to promote Dedh Ishqiya

As another week comes to a close, another group of celebrities join Salman Khan on Bigg Boss. This weekend, its Bollywood’s most loved ladies, Madhuri Dixit-Nene and Huma Qureshi who are promoting their upcoming movie Dedh Ishqiya. While Madhuri joins Salman on stage with a performance to their superhit song Didi Tera Devar, Huma Qureshi joins the contestants inside the house for some fun and games.

A loyal Bigg Boss fan, Huma gushes at meeting the contestants and sits amongst them as Salman and Madhuri interact with the contestants. Huma even introduces all the contestants to Madhuri one after the other. Once the introductions are done, Salman introduces a game to the contestants which surprises Madhuri over everyone else. The male contestants inside the house – Armaan, Andy, Sangram, Ajaz and Kushal are given the task of making Madhuri blush.

While Armaan, Andy and Sangram choose to sing in their own unique style, Ajaz and Kushal deliver some heart-warming speeches making Madhuri feel special. At the end of the day, Madhuri finds it difficult to pick the best of them all chose Kushal and Andy as joint winners.

With Dedh Ishqiya soon becoming the topic of discussion, another round of games is introduced. This time round, Huma asks the contestants to pick the Dedh-Shana contestant currently living inside the house. Initially, all the contestants name Andy, but, soon after, he balance veers because not only does Ajaz nominate himself, but also the contestants who have previously voted for Andy change their stands.

Once the games were over, the real fun begins as Tanishaa and Gauahar came forth to perform a hilarious take on the fight that had taken place between Armaan and Kushal during the previous week’s luxury budget task. The act has everyone, especially Armaan and Salman, in splits. On this happy note, Madhuri and Huma bid adieu to Salman Khan and Bigg Boss.

Soon after their departure, Salman asks the Jallad and Pari to bring on the Pitara. From it, he removes multiple items such as the famed Dhoom 3 hat, a specially created Bigg Boss book edition that showcases cheerful moments within the Bigg Boss house, a radio showcasing Ajaz’s behaviour, a pendulum showcasing the love and war moments between Armaan and Tanishaa, and punching gloves depicting Kushal’s negativity.

To close the episode, Salman invites newly evicted contestant Sofia to join him. Sofia speaks her heart out and fights with the housemates for treating her badly. Most upset with Armaan, Sofia pushes him over the edge as she continues to blame him for misbehaving with her and causing her physical harm. Unable to take it anymore, Armaan yells at her some more. Sofia is given the opportunity to take her revenge as she is asked to nominate one person via Big Bomb.

Will she make the most of this opportunity?

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