December 16, 2013

Tiff between Kushal Tandon and Gauahar Khan

Bigg Boss contestants Gauahar Khan and Kushal Tandon might appear to be a happy couple in love, but their growing possessiveness for each other is creating a rift in their relationship. One of the biggest causes of concern for Kushal is Ajaz’s fondness of Gauahar. After Kamya’s unexpected exit, all the housemates have entered a zone of depression. In order to change their mood, Bigg Boss plays some peppy songs encouraging the contestants to dance.

While all contestants take to the dance floor, Kushal and Ajaz opt out of the fun and are seen sitting aloof in a corner. Gauahar insists on Kushal joining her on the dance floor but he turns her down. When Kushal pays no heed to Gauahar’s request, she calls out to Ajaz and requests him to dance with her. This annoys Kushal and he walks away from the area altogether. Gauahar notices Kushal’s absence and rushes inside the house to pull him back outside.

Kushal, however, continues to remain upset. In fact, when Gauahar offers him food, he refuses to eat it and pretends to go to sleep. Soon, Ajaz is found sulking in front of Sangram who advises Ajaz to maintain a distance from both of them as his involvement is creating cracks in their relationship. Gauahar and Kushal’s fight continues through the next day as the couple refrains from talking to each other and even avoid communication as a whole.

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