January 03, 2014

After 'Sanskari Babuji' now Danny Denzongpa is trending on twitter

Very recently veteran actor Alok Nath aka 'Sanskari Babuji' set networking site on fire. Now it’s turn of the renowned actor, Danny Denzongpa, to give the twitter a bit to talk about him.

#DannyDenzongpa started trending when a quiz question asked by a media house about which actor was supposed to play Gabbar before Amjad Khan in Sholay. Well the correct answer was Tshering Phintso "Danny" Denzongpa and soon after it was out; his name started trending on twitter. His name first turned up on the trends list on Thursday (02, January 2013) evening and by Friday (03, January 2013) morning had risen from number 10 to touch number 5.

Here are some of the tweets:

  • When Danny Denzongpa Walked Into Bar, Chinese Noodeles Followed him!
  • Danny Denzongpa teaches the most difficult of expressions.
  • Though they lost in kumbh mela,But same fate is written for both.one became BabuJi and another PAa. AlokNath and Danny Denzongpa
  • I had to delete and repost a tweet 5 times because I couldn't get Danny Denzongpa's name right. And they say "What's in a name?"
  • There is a reason why Danny Denzongppa will never trend. Not everyone can get his spelling right. Oh wait it's Danny Denzongpa.
  • KRK is big fan of Danny Denzongpa. He was such a fan that he wanted to call him Chaman Chut**apa.
  • Looks like Danny Denzongpa is the new Alok Nath.
  • Danny Denzongpa is married to Danny Denzongma, and they have a son Danny Denzong
  • Alok Nath once cancelled a Kanyadan because the groom was Danny Denzongpa.
  • Ab kya bolega! Danny Denzongpa is trending because he didn't get role in #Sholay3D
  • When I was a kid, Danny Denzongpa used to be one of the mostv difficult words to pronounce.
  • Danny DenzongPA named his son Danny Denzong, so they both wouldn't forget whose Pa he is.
  • 'Danny Denzongpa' was the first ever toungue twister I had come across when I was a kid.

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