January 07, 2014

Why Rashami Desai plunged ‘Sandhu’ from her twitter handle?

From last couple of months Rashami Desai better known as Tapasya Thakur from ‘Uttaran’ is in the news for her troubled marriage.  She met Nandish and got smitten on the sets of Uttaran and tied knot in February, 2011. After which the actress changed her name from ‘Rashami Desai’ to ‘Rashami Sandhu’.

Unfortunately much-in-love couple is now heading for a divorce. Recently Rashami drop ‘Sandhu’ from her surname, now sticks to her original name Rashami Desai.

Yesterday (06, Januray 2014) the actress changed her twitter handle from @Rashami_Sandhu to @TheRashamiDesai. Although she plunged Nandish’s surname from her micro-blogging profile, she is still following her (ex)-hubby.  This pops up a question in our mind, if she is keeping a tab on Nandish tweets even after leaving him? Or she forgot to un-follow him?

-Miss. Chaoudhary

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