February 24, 2014

Did Geetika Tyagi stole ATM of AAP party leader Shazia Ilmi's ATM?

Actress Geetika Tyagi, who was last seen in 'One by Two' and been part of other Bollywood films like 'What The Fish' and 'Aatma',  was in lime light after she shared a video link on micro-blogging site which featured 'Jolly LLB' director Subhash Kapoor, his wife Dimple Kharbanda, and Aurangzeb director Atul Sabharwal.

In that 31-minute long video titled 'Subhash Kapoor's True Face', Subhash admitted the fact that he had misbehaved with the actress. The video which caught the eye of more than 50000 viewers shows Geetika slapping Subhash. She is seen confronting him too.

Well the actress Geetika Tyagi, who became center of attraction after the controversy has a murky past. The actress was working as a journalist with a prominent news channel, was fired from the job after she misused the ATM card her colleague.

According to our sources, “AAP’s party leader Shazia Ilmi was working with the same news channel in which Geetika was working as an anchor. Geetika used to host 10pm slot show, where as Ilmi used to anchor 7pm segment. They often shared the make-up. Once Geetika fish-out Ilmi’s ATM card from her bag and even withdraw money. Ilmi was alarmed after the money was withdrawn from her bank account and accused Geetika. Unaware about the fact that she was caught in act on CCTV camera, tt that time Geetika denied the allegations. Later Geetika was asked to immediately resign from the news channel.

-K Himaanshu Shukla

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