April 15, 2014

Bani ends her relation with Parmeet!

While looking at the divorce certificate Bani is in a dilemma and is seen stressed and worried at her own decision, while on the other hand Randeep is curious to know if Bani is adamant on her decision or know.

Just then Simran and Rajji(Neha Bagga) together pay a visit to the doctor where doctor says everything is perfectly fine with Simran but Rajji looks out of her comfort zone and is so dull, she should not be going through such mood swings during her pregnancy.

The dull Rajji is trying to get in touch with her sister but Bani seems to be busy, that tops her sadness wondering what Bani is up to. Looking at his newly found love Sohum mutters to himself thinking he knows what exactly will pep Rajji and excite her, while ideating he plans to surprise her on Rajji on her birthday and promises to make some beautiful arrangements like never seen before.

On the opposite side Bani continuous to be upset and while conversing with Anuradha who compliments Bani on her future step offers her a job which she declines.

Soon Sohum hands over a card to Rajji with love which marks a beginning to a new relation and on the other side Bani takes her divorce paper and ends her relation with Parmeet (Gaurav Chaudhary). Rajji in all excitement calls and shares her happiness with Bani.

Stay tuned in to watch the changing relations with the duo in Bani...Ishq Da Kalma only on COLORS at 10.30PM.

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