April 30, 2014

Kajol to make her debut on TV with an adaptation of a Danish drama?

Immensely talented Kajol was supposed to make her small screen debut with Rensil D'Silva's 27-episode fiction show, scripted by Priya Pinto. The story revolves around a Delhi based single mother, who is living in a joint family. But none of the channel was willing to cough up, so the show was scrapped.

Now we heard, the actress will make her debut on idiot box with the Indian adaptation of the series Forbrydelsen (The Crime).

For those uninitiated, Forbrydelsen is a Danish drama which also has a significantly applauded American remake The Killing, revolves around a veteran investigator Sarah Lund.

This show has a story of the police investigation of one particular case, day to day, with each one hour long episode covering 24 hours of the police enquiry.

Kajol is keen to play detective/cop in the show and currently she is working out her terms and condition.

The show will be produced by Endemol India.

-K Himaanshu Shukla...

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