April 25, 2014

Rajji breaks into tears when she notices Sohum's affection towards Bani

Rajji(Neha Bagga) has been upset and just when she keeps trying to control her emotions something unfortunate takes place.

Bani (Shefali Sharma) like any other sibling will be seen supporting her and reminding not to breakdown and remember doctor’s word and be vigilant of all her actions and in no time everything is going to fall in place. Gagan setting up crockery… Surjeet and Kuljeet enter questioning about Randeep and Parmeet. To this Gagan (Shashwita Sharma) reverts Randeep (Paras Singh Minhas) is free and not answerable to anyone.

Surjeet(Swati Tarar) eyes are moist and is thinking if Manpreet was around things would have been so much better and in control.  Gagan notices Parmeet is sitting in the dark and he is quite lost and aloof and suggests him to go and convince Bani and she will come back to him, because true love never dies.

On the other hand Raymon goes to Rajji and asks for breakfast, Rajji responds she will cook the breakfast and get it to the room for her and Balbeer but Raymon says to get only for her since Balbeer is out for some important work and says she would like to eat eggs and not parathas.

Rajji refuses to serve eggs and leads to an argument between Raymon and Rajji.

Sohum tries to button his shirt and assumes Bani is near the door and asks her to help but to his surprise it is Rajji and snaps at her to enter the room without any notification … Rajji finds Bani and asks her to help Sohum meanwhile Bani again pacifies Rajji to calm down and not to worry so much, it is just the phase and everything will be okay.

Sohum tells Bani that he is ticked off with Rajji and why is she here and not going back.. Rajji notices his affection towards Bani and breaks into tears and walks away.

Stay tuned to see will Sohum’s memory loss result into rifts between the sisters? In Bani…Ishq Da Kalma tonight at 10.30PM only on COLORS.

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