April 22, 2014

Sohum’s condition gets critical in Bani-Ishq Da Kalma…

The entire family is in a state of shock as Sohum (Adhvik Mahajan) assumes Bani as his wife. Angad (Pankaj Bhatia) approaches Sohum and just when he tries to explain Sohum- Rajji (Neha Bagga) stops him midway and says yes, I will get your wife Bani. Meanwhile Rajji goes to Simran (Namrata Ramsay), Kookie (Ekroop Bedi) and Guggi (Rishi Dev) and pleads them not to tell Sohum anything for now. Rajji goes to meet Bani, Bani is lost and has a lot playing on her head and figures something is terribly wrong with Rajji. Rajji is traumatized cause Sohum is unable to recognize her and doctor tells her his condition is really critical to stress him over anything.

Doctor explains the sisters that Sohum is suffering from partial memory loss and is in critical state where he cannot remember everything and remembers in bits and pieces. Rajji begs Bani to support them through this time and corporate and save Sohum. Bani is now in a dilemma. Angad finds out about Sohum’s health but asks everyone to keep mum in that much time Bani-Rajji enters the room.

Seeing Bani Sohum now feels relaxed. Sohum apologies to Bani that she has to suffer because of him.Bani gets some food along and Rajji stares away when she feeds Sohum and feels deeply hurt and leaves.

Parmeet tries to find out about Sohum’s condition and is keen to go and pay him visit, he discusses the same with Gagan . Doctor tells them Sohum needs to be discharged. Both Bani and Rajji discuss that they are keen on get Sohum off the wheelchair. Bani tells Sohum that due to his critical condition Rajji has pledged to visit the temple, Sohum agrees.

Parmeet reaches the hospital to meet Sohum but the nurse informs he has already been discharged.

Stayed tuned how a sister in need is a sister in deed in Bani…Ishq Da only on COLORS at 10.30OM.

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