April 04, 2014

TAM RATINGS: TVM(TRP) & GVT(GRP) Ratings 2014- Week 13

Gross TVM's (Channel Wise)

STAR PLUS  grows to 687 Gross TVMs
  • Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2.9 (2.6 )
  • Ek Ghar Banauga 3.2 (3.1)
  • Saath Nibhana Saathiya 9.8 (10.2)
  • Saraswatichandra  4.7(4.5)
  • Meri Bhabhi 4.7(4.6)
  • Mahabharat 6.1 (5.5)
  • Diya Aur Baati Hum 11.7 ( 10.2)
  • Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7.7 (6.8)
  • Pyaar Ka Dard Hai Meetha Meetha Pyaara Pyaara 6.1 (5.5)
  • Veera  6.7  (5.9)
  • Ye Hai Mohabbatein 5.7 (5.0)
COLORS  drops to  454 GTVMs (468 ) after last week’s Mirchi Music Awards, Holi special episodes.
  • Sanskaar  1.6 (1.5),
  • Sasural Simar Ka 5.6  (5.4),
  • Balika Vadhu 5.3 (5.1),
  • Madhubala 3.3  (3.5),
  • Beintehaa 3.9 (3.8),
  • Rang Rasiya 3.3 (3.1),  
  • Uttaran 4.4 (4.0)
  • Bani Ishq Da Kalma  3.8 (3.8),
  • Comedy Nights With Kapil 8.7 (8.2)
  • Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi-5:  6.0 (7.6)
ZEE TV drops for the fourth  week in a row, is at 461 Gross TVMs ( 489,501,528,548 ).
  • World Television premiere of HFF Besharam rates 2.3 TVM.
  • EK Muthi Aasman 3.3 (3.1),
  • Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 5.8 (5.5),
  • Jodha Akbar  9.4 ( 9.1),
  • Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se  5.1 ( 5.4),
  • Pavitra Rishta 4.2 (3.8),
  • Qubool Hai  4.9 (4.6),
  • Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 4.7 (4.6)
  • Doli Armanon Ki  3.6 (3.5),
  • DID Lil Masters 4.9 (6.7)  
  • Fear Files 2.4 ( 3.1),  
  • Buddha 0.6 ( 0.8).
LIFE OK  is at  371 Gross TVMs (396).
  • Gustak Dil  2.0 (2.4),
  • Devo Ke Dev...Mahadev 2.3 ( 2.2),
  • Ek Boondh Ishq  2.6 ( 2.7),
  • Tumhaari Paakhi 3.1 (3.4),
  • Welcome 1.4 (1.4 ),  S
  • aavdhan India  3.2 ( 3.3),
  • Shapath 2.4 (2.8),
  • Hatim 2.0 (2.5).

SAB TV drops to  at 273 (326 ).
  • Baal Veer  2.1 ( 2.7),
  • Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah  7.3 ( 7.3 ),
  • Chidiya Ghar 3.0 ( 3.0),
  • Jeanie Aur Juju 2.0 (2.1),
  • Laapataganj 1.8 ( 2.0),
  • FIR 1.9 (2.0)
  • SAB Khelo SAB Jeetho 0.9 (1.6 ).
SONY grows to 362(313 ) on the back of HFF Krish 3 premiere which rates 10.7 TVM.
  • Main Na Bhoolenge  1.2 (1.2),
  • Ek Nayi Pehchaan 1.6 (1.6),
  • Nandini 1.3 (1.4)
  • Jee Le Jara 1.3 (1.4),
  • Maharana Pratap 3.2 (3.5),
  • Bade Acche Lagte Hain 1.6 (1.8),
  • CID 4.9 (4.2),
  • Boogie Woogie 1.9 (1.7)
  • Crime Patrol  3.1  (3.5)
  • Bhoot Aaya 1.7 (1.3) 

NOTE : All ratings are mentioned in TVMs ( Television Viewership in Millions )

-K Himaanshu Shukla

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  2. qubool hai is the best show

  3. Woooo..DABH unbeatable :)
    SNS still doing great job..
    Nd SOOOOOOOOOO happy for
    wer rocking in SLOT 11 pm 8-)

  4. Rangrasiya rocks..i am sure its trp will go up even more..great going team.

  5. kapil sharma is the best




    Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon? Ek Baar Phir - 1.32
    Ek Ghar Banaoonga - 1.45
    Saath Nibhana Saathiya - 4.48
    Saraswatichandra - 2.13
    Ek Nanad Ki Khushiyon Ki Chabhii.. Meri Bhabhii - 2.13
    Mahaabhaarat - 2.80
    Diyaa Aur Baatii Hum - 5.31
    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlaata Hai - 3.50
    Pyaar Ka Dard Hai Meetha Meetha Pyaara Pyaara - 2.80
    Ek Veer Ki Arrdass.. Veera - 3.04
    Yeh Hai Mohhabatein - 2.60

    ZEE TV

    Ek Mutthii Aasmaan - 1.50
    Sapney Suhaney Ladakpunn Kay - 2.63
    Jodhaa Akberr - 4.30
    Do Dill Bandhe Ek Dorii Say - 2.31
    Pavitra Rishta - 1.90
    Qubool Hai - 2.22
    Aurr Pyaar Ho Gaya - 2.13
    Dolii Arrmaanon Ki - 1.63


    Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Kii - 0.72
    Sasurral Symer Kaa - 2.54
    Balikka Vadhoo.. Kacchii Umerr Kay Pakkey Rishtay - 2.40
    Madhooballah.. Ek Ishq Ek Junoon - 1.50
    Bayintayhaann - 1.80
    Rungg Russia - 1.50
    Utteren - 2.00
    Baanii - 1.72


    Gustaakhh Dill - 0.90
    Devon Kay Dev.. Mahaadev - 1.04
    Ek Boonddhh Isshq - 1.20
    Tumharii Paakhi - 1.40

    1. Thnxxx dr
      I m,surprised. To see that at late night trps r high .
      yeh hai mohabbatein n veers garners highest trp... Hatss off to cvs

  8. Beintehaa is the best !!..ZaYa HarshIka rocks

    1. Yup.. Beintehaa is best ,, with high TRP ... And liked new track

  9. sathiya always no 1 no one can stay at 7 pm slot diya is second because it at 9 pm agar sns 9 pm ayega to babh ki bend baj jayegi 13 sirial aur chanel mein 7 baje sns ke samne badli par sns rocks yar

    1. yas agree dabh no 2 because its great timings like 9 pm 12 pm 9.30 am
      sathiya have all tuff time and rocks

  10. rangrasiya rocking show...soon it will be the no 1 show.......rangrasiya rockzzzzzzzzz

    1. :v number 1 its Dabh number one..

    2. lol u kidding right

    3. LOL...LOL...Can't stop laughing ... please wake up .. stop day dreaming .. at least just come the honor of the " bottom show" of the channel then say something else... RR is the most lowest TRP's show with a high promotion..RR's fan seems brainless and also so poor in math ..

    4. RR flop show.. Sanya Irani flop rani.. in which show she will act that show is gone .. at first chanchan and now RR ... doing 6 number serial but still so poor in acting ,, exposing body trying to gain attention ...cheap act ,,No Rajasthani show's Bahu don't show body like her in any show..

    5. Ha ha ha ha ha...LOL ..LOL... LOL... RR is on 28th position ..Uttaran-21 and BI-23 ..Bani-24.. Madhubala-26, ..come out from the dreamland and face the reality-

    6. Rangrasiya may not be number 1 but in terms of storyline and acting its far better than the so called number 1 shows that are regressive and lacking creativity. If Sanaya Irani was such a horrible actress I wonder why producers are keen to hire her after her flop serial Chanchann. And please please don't go moral policing what bahus should or should not wear. The CVS tell her what to and she wears those outfits. I have seen lots of other TV serials where the bahus wear more exposing outfits yet no one wants to point that out. Also, all these people who dissing rangrasiya over beinteha. The difference between the two trip ratings is of 0.2. If beinteha was as fabulous and amazing as people are claiming it to be the trip should reflect that which they clearly don't. People should just watch the shows and not criticize other shows or actors.

    7. slow and steady wins the race so sure rangrasiya will become mega hit show rangrasiya rockzzzzzzzzzzzzz no day dreaming wait and watch

    8. DABH is long running serial so it can be no 1,but rangrasiya is newly started serial soon it will reach the peak

    9. rangrasiya is the no 1 show in uk go and chech the trp

    10. for the fans of dabh.jab dabh ko on air hue 2 months hue the jab woh 35 th rank par tha.no 1 was geet. so rr is better than dabh it is on no 28th position.how dabh slowly slowly reached the no1 position.like this only hope it would be the no 1.so plz dont say any show is down now.every actor will work hard for their shows.

    11. RR is the the only debut no1 on india forums.dabh khabhi 3rd position pe bhi nahi aya. dabh ki actressya beintehaa or yrkklh or other saas bahu shows ke actress agar india forums pe sanaya ko beat kar de than i think these shows are hit.sirf trp lane se kuch nahi hota diloun ko jeetna zaruri hota hai.jo sanaya ko baqubhi ata hai.

    12. RR's fans seems so weak in math .. no wonder ... the TRP difference is not be tween beintehaa and RR is 0.2 rather 0.6 .. So stop blabbering and prove yourself by gaining this much TRP.. don't forget RR gets utmost promotion .. and TRP showed how much people liking the show including story and actor's acting ...

    13. RR's fan people accept the fact and let us be in peace ... We've nothing to do with Beintehaa or RR's fight but RR's fan never chance to bark in any place and also disturb other show's fans ... <3 yeh hai Mohabatein and Tumhari paakhi

    14. Cv's only tell Sanaya to expose her body among all Tv actress on all channels ..I wonder why ?? ,, and yup TRP difference is 0.6 to 0.9 ..

    15. Sooo sorry! I didn't realize that 0.3 difference is so much better than 0.2. That 0.1 makes all the difference. It totally pushes Beinteha over Rangrasiya. For your information, Rangrasiya clocked the highest number of ratings for a fiction show ever on Colors in the UK. So apparently the UK doesn't seems to have a problem with this exposing you talk about or the lack of acting.
      In regards to exposing, there are other shows such as Mahabarat or Saraswatichandra where the leading ladies "expose" the same as Sanaya but obviously that's all right for you.

    16. the point is ipkknd had a lot of skin show. nthing was left unexposed by sanaya and barun was there to give him company. hence the makers of the show take sanaya due to skin shiow only however people have gfot tired of this skin show n thats y they dnt watch it. and with regard to mahabharat dare not speak a word against the epic. how can you? skin show?? have you gone nuts? obviously u dnt expect in a mythological show the ladies wear designer sarees and blouse!!! shame on you for insulting those people who used to wear ethnic costumes in those days.

    17. This people have no shame ... and It's not number i show in UK. rather it's Bani... I leave there and have seen the TRP there also.. no need to spread rumors .. and Mahabhar's actress are not exposing their body rather wearing time-wise clothes even only their shoulder is revealed ... what you're saying again again .. it's apparently showing TRP difference is 0.6

    18. Its no point having a discussion here cause. If you read the trp up above you would realize that rangrasiya is 1.5 while beinteha is 1.8. I don't know where you studied maths from but according to me that a difference of 0.3 not 0.6. And because I have seen the first Mahabharata that they telecasted I can tell you that those actresses never exposed so much so your arguments is invalid.

    19. funny people comparing rr with hit show diya baati. Diya Baati has the best story line that is why always on top and the couple does not need to show skin for trp

    20. Beintehaa =3.9 and Raangrasiya =3.3..So Difference is 0.6...Definitely done my math from a renowned University And that\s why Having good taste ..Which people like you won't understand

    21. Rr fans r pestering them selves.
      see if there is a good storyline ppl will watch it,no wonder what is a time slot. If story n creative r good ppl will watch it.

  11. Great ..Beintehaa's TRP is good as always and even better than Madhubala... constantly.... RR should air off for low TRP

    1. Seriously? Thr r shows vt even lower trps still on air.. Feelin some j factor involved vt ur comment lol :p

    2. don't be any under wrong impression ..For such a low rated show -RR 's no one will feel jealous ....People talk as per fact ... which you're unable to see or admit ...

    3. I agree with the first comment... RR's TRP is constantly bottom of the colors.. either they change track , improve Sanaya's acting and tell her stop exposing body.. from the beginning she is doing it .. but bot helpinng to gain high TRP or better off air the show ,,, and I really don't understand when this show's TRP is so poor why people still say it's rocks.. it made me member Chanchan ... but I liked Anish and his step mother's acting they so strong and good actors

    4. Beintehaa is such a good show with hilarious , funny and new dialogue .. and their new track is so interesting ... when RR is copping DABH's shop -fire track.. chor kahi ka ...

    5. Beintehaa best ... new fresh pair with new story and it's speed is good .. not too slow like other saash bahu serials

    6. guys plsssss stop saying bad about any show we r not critizing any show just love the show which you to but not to insults others.
      it is a request.

    7. Benintehaa :3.9 and Ramrasiya =3.3 ..So difference is 0.6 .. definitely have done math from renowned University and that's why having good taste .. Which people like you won't understand

  12. Yeh hai. Mohabbatein is currently. The best show.

  13. Why sarastichandra is still running..

  14. Mahabharat is the greatest tv show ever made..thanks star plus and team of mahabharat! Hope u achieve more heights in the coming weeks !

  15. maharana pratap is the best show

  16. even at 10 pm maharana pratap trp is good but it deserves to be in top 3

    1. Maharana pratap should deserve to be in top 3 list.
      This is really a great show.

    2. yaa mrp great show

  17. Yeh. Hai mohabbatein
    Yeh hai mohabbatein
    Yeh. Hai mohabbatein
    Yeh hai mohabbatein

  18. Replies
    1. I am waiting pls pls pls guys start watching the show..
      plsss it is a request.

  19. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is the Best show. Cannot bear to watch Rang Rasiya. The CVs need to do something about RR or there is no hope for that show.

    1. Yup...Yeh hai Mohabbatein and Tuhari Paakhi are the most good Show.. even Beintehaa also fresh and good.. RR is disgusting and most irritating show ..

    2. Yes
      Agree Tumhari pakhi n yeh hai mohabbatein are excellent shows

  20. OMG!!! Beintehaa's trp is more than constantly , Madhubala, Bani and obviously flow show RR... Beintehaa rockzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    1. stop criticizing other shows plsss
      be a human and love not hate anybody
      and I am not being sarcastic if u have humanity u will understand others feeling..

  21. Yeh hai mohabbatein rocks...

  22. Madhubala is best

  23. vivian ke fans holidays pe gaye hai kya? MB ke TRP kum ho rahi hai

    1. no we r not on holiday just I can't understand..
      what the hell is wrong with people.

    2. Daughter's look alike her mother and even son-in law and father-in law having same look... Guys do thing it make sense .. entertainment should come with intelligence ..That's what I feel that's why telling .. holding no grudge with this serial

  24. Ashish Sharma is one of the most talented and hard working actors and rangrasiya should do well with the strong script . Sanaya too has worked hard to become someone brand new. The ensemble cast in the show is very strong acting wise Kali mukherjee, ananya, ankita and the rest . Younger audiences and all ashish and sanaya and barun and ankita and mohit and Archana fans pl start raising trips for this show so it does not have to risk trp issues. Trps bound to be raised

  25. Mahabharat is a great show. And now its graphics really makes it Rs. 100 crores mahabharat. We really enjoy it..


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