April 16, 2014

Will Bani regret her decision?

In state of dilemma Bani finally packs her bag and is leaving her house. Just when she is about to step out of the house Gagan and Surjeet stare away inorder to avoid the cold vibe Bani goes forward and tells them she is going to attend Rajji and Sohum’s marriage ceremony.

After conversing with her in laws as she walks towards the car tears flow and cannot control her emotions and feels depressed. When she is about to enter the house she sees the house lit up and decorated. Seeing this she quickly takes a deep breath puts a broad smile and goes to see Rajjji.

Rajji in all excitement picks up the phone to convey the message and she learns her entire family is not in town and feels sad just then she hears a car and her face lights up knowing Bani is here.
Meanwhile on the other hand Parmeet enters his house in a restless mode and is desperately looking out for Bani and he gets to know Bani is not here and has gone to attend Rajji-Sohum’s wedding.

The Maan house is beautifully decorated and everyone has gathered to be a part of the sangeet which has been coordinated by Bani.

Stay tuned to watch if Bani will forgive and go back to Parmeet? In Bani Ishq Da Kalma everyday at 10.30PM only on COLORS.

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