April 09, 2014

Will Parmeet sign the divorce paper?

Just when Bani (Shefali Sharma) learned about the divorce, she insisted she needs more time. While Sarab and Desho there is nothing she should reconsider and should go ahead with the divorce and all the arrangements for her stay has been accommodated.

On the other hand we will see a tiff between Balbeeer (Nimai Bali) and Remone (Raymon Singh) because she is eventually fed of staying here and needs to breathe and in adamant words conveys to Balbeer she is going back to stay with her daughter if Balbeer cannot sort the property. She is definitely not staying anymore.

Back to Bani where Desho realizes Bani is disturbed and unable to sleep. She tries pacifying and puts her to sleep.

Early morning the next day Balbeer apologies to Soham about Manpreet’s death and says that he has realized the wrong doings of Parmeet and because of him I am unable to clear by debts and to this Soham says you need to acknowledge Rano as your wife.

When Bani and Randeep pay visit to Parmeet, he is unable to make any eye contact and Bani hands over the divorce papers.

Stay tuned to find out will Parmeet go ahead and sign the papers or he will try and convince Bani in the upcoming episode at 10.30PM

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