May 07, 2014

Will Rajji go to bullar house?

Sohum makes Rajji understand that she should sort out her issues at home with Parmeet & tells her to pack her luggage he’ll call taxi for her. Rajji is hurt and feels that she’ll have to leave her house.

Rajji packs her luggage & old memories flash in front of her.  She touches her womb & feels sad for her unborn baby that he going to leave his father.

Rajji leaves emotionally & Sohum  thinks to  in himself  while helping her with the luggage that he’s sending Rajji so that she’ll sort out her differences with her husband.

Surjeet inviting people for inauguration of boutique but surprisingly not even asingle person turns up.

On seein Raymon - Gagan & Surjeet get  shocked  Raymon then says that she has her part in the property so if Gagan wants to run boutique then it’s possible only when Gagan will  get into partnership with  Raymon in her business.

Bani on the other hand asks for Rajji. Sohum says that he sent Rajji to her sasural. Bani and Kookie in shock.

Mrs. Arora comes & reveals that Randeep came to invite her to boutique. Gagan feels good that Randeep did all this for her. Bani  tells  Sohum that he shouldn’t have sent Rajji, Sohum stresses himself & clarifies his point that he did all this for Rajji’sake only as he wants her to sort out her differences with her husband.

Bani tells him to not to stress & calm down. Parmeet tells Surjeet & Gagan how Balbeer & Raymon blackmailed Rajji for property papers. Surjeet & Gagan disgust hearing this. Then Par meet gets Bani’s call. Bani call him & ask him if Rajji reacheds Bhullar house. Parmeet says NO.

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