June 26, 2014

Sanskari babuji Alok Nath joins Twitter..

Veteran actor Alok Nath, suddenly came into the limelight when a few twitter users started making jokes on him. In the last six months, there have been close to 2, 00,000 Tweets about him and his TV character. This talented actor was not on twitter, when he was trending on various networking site.

Finally today 'subh mahurat' came and performed 'grah pravesh' on micro blogging site and said 'pranaam' to the twitter world.

Here is Bollywood’s favorite Sanskaari Babuji's first tweet:

@aloknath: Pranaam Twitter world! Finally attending the party you guys threw for me. Let's hope it's a good one. Cheers!

I'm excited to join Twitter since people have popularised my character on it and I'm happy to now finally share the real Alok Nath with the world. It feels like there was a party thrown in my honour and I didn't attend. So I'm attending now, fashionably later than never and I'm looking forward to engaging with my fans and friends in real-time,” said Alok Nath on joining Twitter.

Honesty & devotion have vanished, now people work only for money : Alok Nath

Pratiksha Rao, Entertainment partnerships manager of Twitter said, “We are very happy to welcome Alok Nath on Twitter. Twitter is the global town square where users can engage in live and public conversation about their interests from news to sports to films to comedy. Twitter users can now engage in conversation with Alok Nath and discover more about him outside of his TV shows’ persona.

-K Himaanshu Shukla...

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