July 04, 2014

OMG!! Shahrukh Khan has a fear that somebody will cut his arms

King of candy floss romance 'Shah Rukh Khan' will be the first guest in 'The Anupam Kher's Show-Kucch Bhi Ho Sakta Hai'. In the first episode of the show King Khan will be seen spilling the beans over his life experiences.

Why Anupam invited SRK for the first episode? To which the veteran actor promptly replied, "Shah Rukh Khan's rise from being a TV actor in Fauji to becoming the second richest actor in the world is one of the most inspirational stories."

Anupam Kher is scared of Alzheimer!!

Anupam have been in the industry for about 3 decades and worked with SRK in many films like Pardes, Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge etc, but while shooting for the show he got to know that Shahrukh Khan's real name is Abdul Rehman.

COLORS launches- 'The Anupam Kher Show - Kucch Bhi Ho Sakta Hai'

The 59 years old actor told us an incident which Shahrukh Khan shared while shooting for Kucch Bhi Ho Sakta Hai.

"Shahrukh is well known for his signature pose of standing with his arms open wide. I was literally surprised when he said, he has a fear that somebody will cut his arms. I genuinely asked him, are you serious? To which he replied yes," Kher said.

The episode will be aired on coming Sunday (06 July,2014) and everyone is waiting for the much awaited conversation.

-K Himaanshu Shukla...

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