August 13, 2014

Alka to confesses her love in front of her sisters..

In tonight's episode of Shastri Sister, Vrinda confirms that they want to go ahead with Alka's rishta. Alka, upon realising this, begins crying and confesses her love in front of her sisters. While Anushka is horrified to know Alka is in love, Devyani is excited that one of her sister is in love, Peeya comments that Rajiv is not good for her and Alka gets angry, Peeya is hurt and leaves, while Anushka suggests that she talks to her father. Surinder congratulates Shastri ji, Mrs.

Sareen wonders that was it her illusion that Alka likes some other guy so she slyly forces Shastriji to talk to her, he agrees and leaves from there. Rajiv keeps on calling but Alka refuses to answer. Rajiv gets irritated and throws his phone.

Next morning, Peeya goes to the balcony and is sad humming some lyrics of her own when Neel comes there and tries to put her down by commenting on her lyrics. In actuality, he is actually impressed.

We will also see that it’s the janmashtami day and there is hustle bustle in the mohalla, and there are preparations going on. There is a mataki phod competition in the society arranged by the Marathi mandal. Shastri and Sareen family get ready for Janmashtami and go to the Mohalla. Neel climbs up the pyramid and breaks the mataki. All cheer and hoot for Neel. Alka is still slightly lost, but other sisters force her to dance and celebrate

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