August 07, 2014

Shastri Sisters 7th August 2014 Written Episode Update

The Episode begins with Minty inquiring as to whether she doesn’t prefer this fellow, she will do her match making. Alka says no, I… … . Minty says she didn’t prefer him in pic, she didn’t reach him, doesn’t know his inclination, he is sentimental or not. She says then you need to reach him, make them meet. Alka says no, I won’t meet. Minty says even I told this even my family requested that me meet Sareen, I was bashful and said no. Alka says no Papa, I truly would prefer not to reach him. Minty says will you wed without gathering. Shastri ji says my qualities are diverse. Minty says you mean our qualities are awful. He says no, Alka is timid. She is tensed, she needs eventually. Minty says fine, sit and think well. She takes off.

Devyaani is terrified and calls Anushka. Anushka says she is going to class, is she fine, sshall I come to you. Devyaani says you go to class and study, we will meet later. Anushka comes to Devyaani and discovers her exceptionally stressed. They get a letter for Devyaani there. Anushka understands it that he can’t be far from her for one sec as well, I m constantly close you. Devyaani asks who is here, let me know. Anushka says cool off, trust me, he can’t do anything. She says did I leave anything deficient till now. Devyaani says no, this is your aggravating quality. Anushka says yes, I won’t leave this work inadequate. They go out and find Neil. He asks is everything fine. Anushka says yes.

Alka tells Rajeev she couldn’t talk. He gets irate and requests that her discussion to her sisters. She says yes, this thought is great, however what will they think about me. He asks then what to do. He tosses the telephone in resentment. Alka says Rajeev ji… … . Also shouts. Peeya originates from school and sees her shouting. She asks what happened. Alka says nothing, you sit, I will serve nourishment. Peeya says no, I will consume later, first let me know why are you stressed, I can see it. Peeya says we adore you, you don’t stress, we will dependably help you. Alka gets chap and embraces her for taking care of her issue.

Minty and Shastri ji have chaat and she says she doesn’t consume sleek nourishment. The fellow serves sustenance and says this is your normal margarine chole. She conceals. Sareen says I will let you know, we needed to converse with you, we discovered Alka did not say yes. She says she didn’t say no. Shastri ji says we don’t know whats in her psyche. Sareen acclaims himself and says Minty said yes to me in first time. Minty says we have simpleton confirmation plan, we kept Mata ki Chowki at home, Rohan and Alka will see one another. Shastri ji likes this thought. Minty thinks now what will Alka do, she need to say when she meets Rohan. Anushka questions on Neil and says this penmanship looks of any teen. Anushka says it can happen.

Devyaani gets a message and Anushka tells Alka that somebody is disturbing Anushka. She peruses the message. Alka says who is he, did he come here. Anushka says he crossed utmost. Alka asks how could he have been able to he get her number and says Devyaani needed consideration, not get it. Anushka says its not her oversight. Alka says why her, she did something. Anushka says its not young ladies botch in this. Alka says right, yet what to do. Anushka says lets overlook, father ought not know this. She asks Devyaani not to stress, as she will discover who is this.

Pammi asks Minty to call DJ in Mata Ki Chowki. They sing Mata ke deewane… … Aha… … .. Minty insults her and requests that her see that her children are constantly after her. Neil comes and says mummy, provide for me nourishment. Minty says yes. Pammi grins seeing Neil acting discourteous to Minty and clearing out. A bunch comes there for Devyaani. Minty is stunned seeing it. Minty asks the sisters to come. Neil says you generally requested that me be similar to this and see what they are doing. Minty gives Devyaani the bundle and she much appreciated her.

Devyaani says this man brought this conveyance for you. Devyaani says it may be from him. Minty insults them. She asks who is this fellow. The sisters get tensed. Minty asks with whom do you have the issue.

Alka advises Rajeev she didn’t converse with her father, Devyaani is in a bad position. Shastri ji gets Devyaani’s telephone and talks. They get tensed.

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