August 29, 2014

The religious side of Mrunal Jain!

The debonair Mrunal Jain who may be a hunk but he is also an vigilant Jain, he doesn’t eat onion, garlic and even potato. 

As the Jain Pajyushan Parv is going on, being a strict follower Mrunal eats every day before 7 in the evening and on the last day of the festival he intends to keep fast.

On being asked if he is recognized in the temple courtesy his character in the TV soap Uttaran he says, “I am recognized but no one disturbs me in the Temple.”  He says, “My mother Vidhya Jain has taught me everything about Jainism. My religion means everything to me, it drives me to work hard and follow my culture. I follow my religion with sincerity.

When we asked about his obsession for his mother he says, “Every son is obsessed with his mom, likewise I am very gripped with my mom. My mother can read my mind and heart. She is like my shadow,  her blessing follows me everywhere I go. I am here only because of my her. No one can take my mother’s place in my life. She is really very special to me.

On being asked what he has learnt from her he says, “The best thing she taught me is, never do anything wrong due to which you have to regret later. Always choose a right path and have trust in your own self. Always have confidence in whatever you do.

-K Himaanshu Shukla...

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