September 13, 2014

Has Salman Khan not forgiven Kushal Tandon yet?

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Bollywood Actor Salman Khan returns as the host of the 8th season of Colors' much talked reality show, the Kick star yesterday confessed that he was reluctant to be a part of Bigg Boss-8 this time around, as the last season was extremely 'tiring and painful'.

Khan courted controversy last season when he was accused of being biased towards Tanishaa Mukerji and Armaan Kohli by other participants as well as the audience.

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"I did not want to host this season as it is too tiring and painful. I have my own set of problems and here I am solving 10-12 problems of others. These people involve me and somehow I get involved. But if you see something you have to take a stand,” said the 48-year-old actor.

If he is not so keen to host then why did he agreed to be part of 8th season? Khan said, “I came back because I liked the format. You get to learn so much by seeing contestants’ reactions, even though you know you might have reacted in the same manner."

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Bigg Boss is synonyms to controversies and Salman says it is a catch-22 situation for him. “The format of the show is such that there are controversies. If something does not happen then people, including my own family and friends say, ‘The episode was thanda’. And if something happens, then they say it was too much, so at the end you don’t know what to do,” he said.

He faced a lot of online criticism from ‘Bigg Boss 7′ winner Gauhar Khan his boyfriend Kushal Tandon fans, He said he will continue to take stand as that is the only way to save the contestants from embarrassing themselves on TV.  He said, “As a host it is important to take a stand for the contestants. Sometimes it looks like you are taking a stand for yourself but it is for them because you know how they are being projected outside. These people have come in the house to get work. The fact is that if they are superb in the show, then they will not get work outside but they don’t understand that,” he said.

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When VJ Andy requested Salman that he wants to go back in Bigg Boss house. Salman said, "Ek baar jo bahaar nikal gaya phir woh wapas andar nahi jaa sakta. Pichli baar ek mistake hoo gayi thi..". Khan indirectly hinted that it was a big mistake by bring back Kushal to house again. Well the man with a heart of gold is a true Capricorniam, he forgives but never forgets.

-K Himaanshu Shukla...

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Anonymous said...

luv u sallllu

Anonymous said...

even though I too feel he was biased towards Armaan Tanisha last season but its also true BigBoss incomplete without Salman .Looking forward to season 8

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