September 10, 2014

#JhalliAnjali: Anjali will choose self-respect over her first love Angad

In a dramatic twist, Anjali(Chandni Bhagwanani) turned RJ in Channal V's show 'Jhalli Anjali Ke Tootey Dil Ki Amazing Story', now in the upcoming episode she will choose self respect over her first love Angad(Kohposh Sapru).

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According to our sources, “RJ Anjali received call from a viewer, who later proposed her and tell her that he fallen in love with her voice. Anjali is astonished when the guy reveals his identity. He was none other than Anjali's first love Angad. She somehow managed to control her emotions at that time and decide to meet him personally and tell him that the RJ is the same girl who he had dumped. While she was stepping out of lift to meet Angad her friends Dhruv(Zaan Khan), Amisha(Purva Neeraj) and VP (Mohak Khurana) ask her, what's more important, self respect or one sided love? A bright future or a guy who dumped her? Anjali then choose self respect over Angad.

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Chandni Bhagwanani says, “Angad was unaware that Anjali is the same RJ whom he had proposed to. She went to meet him to reveal her identity. But her friends make her realize the importance of self respect. She finally closes the chapter of Angad from her life and deleted his number from her cell phone.

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