September 30, 2014

RV's plan to expose Chirag failed..

While we thought Ishani and Ranveer will come close, our thoughts break as Ishani breaks Ranveer's project. Soon electricity returns and Ranveer gets back to his angry self and shouts on Ishani for office property loss. He orders Rishi to add Rs 15k more to Ishani's account for the loss of property. He also sends Ishani to a hotel on the pretext of getting him his cell phone back.

Though RV feels sorry for shouting on Ishani, he wants her to know why she is sent to the hotel. At the hotel, the receptionist tells her that as RV had important details in the phone, he didn't want it leave in the reception, hence a room is booked in his name and he hands her the room key. Ishani proceeds towards his room to get back the phone. Meanwhile we see Chirag romancing the lady he had planted to flirt with RV. And guess what, Chirag is in the same room where Ishani is supposed to come.

While Chirag and the girl engage in some private moment, Ishani enters the room. But alas, she doesn't see cunning Chirag as he hides himself. Ishani takes the phone and storms out of the unkempt room. She is angry with RV for being so cheap and stooping so low after gaining success. She thinks she is lucky to have Chirag and calls him up. Soon she gets to hear a phone ring. Chirag on the other hand gets attentive seeing Ishani’s call. Ishani’s follows the phone ring and opens the door, and again she sees the secretary over the phone.

Twice, Ishani fails to notice Chirag. Ishani comes and vents out her anger on RV for sending her to view such shady thing. RV is shocked to see that his plan to expose Chirag failed.

What measure will RV take now to expose Chirag? To know more, read this space.

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