September 25, 2014

TAM RATINGS Week 38 2014: Nick continues to lead with 221 TVTs

It was just another successful week in the office for the guys at Nick as the channel continues to remain at the numero uno slot. Its been six weeks since Viacom18′s mainstay kids channel has ruled the roost of the kids’ genre.

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This week didn’t witness much change among the top five contenders in the kids’ genre from week 37. Nick continued to lead the charts with 221 TVTS (209 TVTs in wk 37).

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Coming in at a close second place was Cartoon Network with 193 TVTs (203 TVTs), followed by Hungama with 188 TVTs (185 TVTs). Disney shed 16 TVTs to lad up with 169 TVTs and Pogo took the fifth position with 140 TVTs (154 TVTs).

In terms of the reach of the channels, Nick was at 39 per cent followed by Cartoon Network at 38 per cent.

-K Himaanshu Shukla...
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