September 29, 2014

#ShastriSisters: Narayan Shastri find out the real reason behind Alka’s return to her home?

When Anushka brings a teary-eyed Alka home, Minty Sareen suspiciously observes them as Alka also brings with her a big bag.

Narayan Shastri is pleased to see her daughter. Anushka, a loyal sister, hides the real reason behind Alka’s return. While Devyani makes plans to sort out things between Alka and Rohan, it looks like her plan may just backfire.

On the other hand, Rajat tells Narayan about the self-defence camp and importance of self-defence. He convinces Naryan Shastri to send Devyani and Anushka for the camp.

Copyright © 2014 - ScrutinyByKHimaanshu

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