October 13, 2014

#BiggBoss8 : Aarya Babbar apologizes to Minissha Lamba..

After Saturday's showdown between Aarya Babbar and Minissha Lamba, audiences have been waiting with bated breath to see what transpires next between the two. However, in a turn of events, Aarya will be seen tonight apologizing to Minissha regarding his poor judgment and follies in revealing their past to the world.

As night rolled in, Bigg Boss introduced a new task for the contestants this week titled 'Gharwale Jaan-na Chahte Hai' where questions written by the contestants were now brought to the fore. With Gautam as mediator the questions were presented to the contestants one after the other. The first question was presented to Aarya where one contestant asked him 'Why do you look so bored?' Hearing this question, Aarya responded saying that the past week had been a bad one for him, but he has decided that he is now going to have fun and enjoy himself.

Gautam also eggs him on about apologizing to the people he might have irked inside the house and he mentions that while he has spoken to Minissha, he has not apologized to her. He then goes on to address Minissha and says that he was unaware that their conversations before he entered the Bigg Boss house had been spoken about and made public knowledge. He mentioned that when Salman asked him about it, he was upset that their private conversation was common information and had an outburst owing to which he revealed their past during the heated argument. Following this justification, Aarya goes on to apologize to Minnisha and in a gracious manner, she accepts his apology to mend their relationship.

Does this apology mean that Minissha and Aarya will go back to being friends? Let's wait and watch…

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