October 14, 2014

#BiggBoss8 Day 29 : Supervillains wreak havoc post-midnight!

After spending a full day being bullied by the Supervillains, as the day drew to a close, the Superheroes felt that maybe some peace would finally come their way. As they curled into bed and gave in to their body’s demand for some much needed sleep and relaxation, little did they know that the Supervillains were not yet done in making them uncomfortable. Peace did not prevail at night and instead of some sweet dreams, the tired Superheroes were treated to a whole lot of havoc!

It was 2:45am when after a lot of planning and strategy, the villains entered the bedroom while banging utensils with the sole intention of waking up all the sleeping Superheroes. In fact, Gautam went up to Karishma’s bed and started banging the utensils right above her ear to further irritate her while waking her up with a start.

Since the Superheroes are bounded by the rules to be positive at every point of the task and stay away from all sorts of aggression, they choose to sit up and struggle to not react to this misdemeanor. Aarya is seen getting extremely upset by the Supervillains’ behavior but displays a lot of patience and does not react. Simultaneously, Upen and Soni just sit up and wait for the Supervillains to calm down before trying to go back to sleep.

Sonali, however, utilized some extreme measures to disrupt Karishma’s sleep and even went on to pull off the bed-sheets and mattresses from her bed. Karishma tried to stop her Sonali from going overboard by holding her from behind but this was not enough to stop Sonali who even walked all over Karishma’s mattress with her shoes on. In fact, Sonali even went up to Diandra’s bed and poured water all over her, while Diandra just sat in one spot and watched her in disgust.

Clearly, the Supervillains are in full swing and are working hard to ensure that the Superheroes do not get any peace inside the Bigg Boss house.

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