October 08, 2014

#ShastriSisters: Will Alka divorce Rohan?

Shastri Sisters will see a major highpoint this week with Alka (Neha Pednekar) receiving her divorce papers from Rohan (Sujay Reu).

Rajeev (Sumit Verma) has made a comeback to cause havoc in Alka’s paradise and the poor girl has been at the receiving end! Above all, Rajeev has succeeded in breaking ties between the newly married couple.

Now, in the coming episodes, Rohan will be seen sending divorce papers to Alka. But there will be more to what would meet the eye.

Hari (Prithvi Zutshi) will have a hand in this, and Rohan will not even know that he is being asked to sign on divorce papers. When the signed papers will reach Alka, she will be heartbroken.

In the meanwhile, yet another interesting twist that will take place this week will be of Rajeev’s arrest. He will yet again come to Alka’s house and play his dirty game when Alka will take a stand to end this then and there. With the help of Rajat (Vijayendra Kumeria), Alka will get
Rajeev arrested.

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