November 03, 2014

#ShastriSisters: Neel to go into depression..

Shastri Sisters is the perfect example of an intertwined love triangle. While Rajat and Anushka have fallen in love with each other, Devyani is head over heels in love with Rajat and Neel has given his heart away to Devyani.

In tonight's episode, we will see that Rajat, unaware of his mom Minty and his aunt Nicky asking for Devyani's hand in marriage for him, gets excited at the thought that he can have a chance with Anushka. Neel's world gets shattered when he overhears the conversation between Minty and Nicky.

Depressed by the thought of Devyani getting married to his older brother Rajat, Neel gets drunk. While Minty is worried about Neel, he misbehaves with Devyani when she apologises to Neel.

When Devyani goes back home and narrates the incident to Anushka, she hugs Devyani with a broken heart.

How will this love story turn out? Will Rajat end up getting married to Devyani? Will Neel ever overcome his depression?

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