January 12, 2015

My guy-friends have received a warning from my fans to stay away from me: Radhika Madan

We caught up with Radhika Madan, better known as Ishani from Colors’ popular show Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi. Here the bubbly actress shares the secret behind her onscreen chemistry with Shakti Arora. Excerpts from interview:

What makes your onscreen chemistry a hit?
We are extremely comfortable with each other offscreen. We do lots of masti and tease each other almost about everything, be it from how we deliver dialogues to how we stand or sit. That’s why our onscreen chemistry is very natural. Sometimes we change our own dialogues in between the shots and forget about the script. So I guess that’s something that clicks.

Any funny incident that happened in between a romantic scene? 
We keep laughing in all the romantic scenes. While shooting when we look at each other, we just forget our romantic-dialogues and start commenting on each other like be it a pimple to some marks or something about the hair or clothes or anything.

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Your favorite scenes from the show?
I guess the scene where I was drunk was definitely my favorite one. In that particular scene I got a chance to finally bring in the flavor of Radhika in Ishani. And I will never forget the scene where Ranveer was shot and fell into the swimming pool. I started crying and was actually shivering for 10 minutes. After that Shakti came and told me that it was just a scene and he’s alive. Then, as usual, he cracked some stupid jokes which brought a smile on my face and got me out of that zone.

Do you have a nickname on the sets?
Ahh I have many nick names like chote, totta, ladki, ishu etc. Nobody calls me by my real name

What is the funniest comment that you got from your fans?
I don’t remember any funny comments, but all my guy-friends have received a pretty interesting warning from my fans of staying away from me (laughs).

A suggestion or an advice you would to give your co-star Shakti?
He is very professional and serious when it comes to work. But sometimes he gets too serious about his work and starts living his character from the show and becomes the same person off-screen as well. That’s something that sometimes scares me.

How’s the working atmosphere on the sets?
Very positive. Our set is full of professionals. From makeup men to actors, each and every person is a perfectionist in their field.

What is your favorite pass time during your free time on the sets?
I read books or catch up with my friends over the phone.

-K Himaanshu Shukla..

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