January 06, 2015

#ShastriSisters: Rajat decide to settle in Dehradun..

In Shakuntalam Telefilms' show Shastri Sisters, Rajat (Vijayendra Kumeria) & Anushka (Ishita Ganguly) go through the pangs of separation.

Till now we have seen, Anushka has convinced Rajat’s seniors about his innocence. Now in the upcoming episodes, Rajat will be asked to recommence the work. Everyone in the family seems happy with this news, nevertheless they will left heartbroken when Rajat get the news about his promotion and a transfer to Dehradun.

He accept the transfer option and decide to settle in Dehradun, as he felt that is good for him to move away from his family. Anushka along with family members will be very upset after this.

Let's see will this separation bring Rajat & Anushka closer or will they drift apart?

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