February 12, 2015

Behadd...Back on popular demand..

Zindagi – India’s only premium Hindi Channel brings the man who charmed Indians everywhere to your home – Fawad Khan!! Zindagi proudly presents the mesmerizing tale of love - Behadd,once again back by public demand. Written by Umera Ahmed, the heart-wrenching telefilm effortlessly reflects 'selflessness' verses 'selfishness' in love. Behadd promises to leave the audiences spellbound with its powerful acting and strong storyline.

Behadd has a very intriguing and heartwarming plot that revolves around the complexities and dynamics of a relationship between a mother and a daughter and how their love for each other becomes the cause of their heartache. Behadd is a story of three characters,Masooma (played by Nadia Jamil), her 15-year old daughter Maha (played by Sajal Ali) and Masooma’s best friend’s brother Jamal aka Jo (enacted by Fawad Khan). After her husband’s death in a road accident, Masooma’s life revolves around her job and her teenage daughter. After some years, Jo returns to Pakistan and becomes a part of Masooma’s life once again.  While Masooma is happy to have an old friend around, she is pleasantly surprised to see Maha bond with Jo with great ease and comfort. Jo’s presence in their lives gives it a new meaning. For Masooma, Jo is her best friend’s brother but for Jo, Masooma is the woman he wants to marry. Things start changing when Jo proposes to Masooma and she decides to take Maha’s opinion about them getting married.  But Mahaends up doing something that crosses all the limits and all three lives change forever!

Behadd is another benchmark of Pakistani television heartthrob Fawad Khan who returns as Jamal Ahmad aka Jo in this special telefilm.FawadKhan who played the ideal husband and son in Humsafar, a flirty and good-looking guy in Zindagi GulzarHai, is seen in a different avatar in Behadd.

Catch this interesting and captivating journey of love on Sunday, Feb 15th, 2015at 1 pm and 8 pm on Zindagi!

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