February 18, 2015

Sara Khan, Abigail Pande & Kiran Srinivas in Bindass' first fiction show 'Zindagi Wins'

When in doubt, follow your heart they say. But if you are a 23 year old doctor in charge of saving lives, decisions seldom come easy. An insightful peep into the medical world and the coming-of-age journey of a young heart specialist make for the interesting premise of Bindass’ brand new show ‘Zindagi Wins’. With young faces and a fresh narrative, the youth entertainment channel gears up to take its stance as ‘enabler of purposive action’ a step further and explore unchartered territory with its upcoming fictional drama.

The show will revolve around the life that goes on inside a hospital with doctors fighting to save lives unknown to them and at the same time trying to live their own emotionally complicated lives. Starring young actors Abigail Pande, Sara Khan and Kiran Srinivas ‘Zindagi Wins’ will premiere on Bindass on February 21, 2015 every Saturday 7:00pm.

‘Zindagi Wins’ follows the story of its strong protagonists Dr. Aliya portrayed and Dr. Malvika, as they pursue their calling in the noble profession.

Abigail Pande, who actress earlier garnered appreciation for her roles on Hindi television dramas ‘Kya Dil Mein Hai’ and ‘Sajan Ghar Jaana Hai’ is playing the role of Dr. Aaliya.

Aaliya is a heart specialist and believes in selfless healing. She follows her heart, and applies the same ideology in her profession too. She is always concerned about her patients and can go to any extent to save her patient’s life, even if that means breaking a few rules along the way. Not only her ideologies clash with that of Dr. Malvika’s professionally, but also it becomes a personal tangle as well as the show progresses.

Sara Khan will be seen essaying the role of Dr. Malvika in the show. The pretty actress made her debut on television as a lead in the show ‘Dhoondh Legi Manzil Humein’. She was also seen in the movie ‘Total Siyappa’ starring Yami Gautam and Ali Zafar.

Malvika is also the a heart specialist, but she is the exact opposite of Aaliya. Malvika is a perfectionist by nature and has a very practical outlook towards life. She is extremely straightforward and adopts a matter-of-fact approach when it comes to sentiments and particularly her profession. She believes in giving her best, irrespective of the circumstances, and expects the same from others too. It is also revealed that Malvika has had a troubled childhood that has completely changed her entire belief system and has also made her the tough person that she is.

Indian television and Kannada film actor Kiran Srinivas, will be seen playing the role of Dr. Ishaan who is a happy go lucky boy who is extremely warm and friendly to everyone, including his patients. His biggest asset as a person and as a doctor lies in the ability to make people feel comfortable around him. He is also a responsible elder brother and shares a great rapport with his younger brother. He was previously in a relationship with Dr. Malvika, but as the show progresses, we see a love interest growing for Dr. Malvika’s opponent.

Along the way, the show explores the various day-to-day dilemmas that young doctors face, both on the professional and personal front. From falling in love with a fellow doctor, to challenging their worst fears of losing a patient at the operation table, at the same time making efforts to uphold the respect and grace of their profession. Often finding themselves at a crossroad only make them ever more determined to emerge as winners and make a difference.

Through its fresh approach towards the trials and tribulations of a doctor’s life, ‘Zindagi Wins’ aims to celebrate the essence of life and all its emotions, whilst exploring daily dilemmas of today’s young professionals. With a series that brings stories of resilient faith, courage and compassion Bindass once again aims to bring relevant content for its constantly evolving viewer base.

-K Himaanshu Shukla...

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