March 10, 2015

OMG!! Deepika Singh slapped Anas Rashid...

Deepika Singh, who is playing the role of Sandhya in Shashi-Sumeet Productions' popular show Diya Aur Baati Hum on Star Plus recently lost her temper and slapped his co-star Anas Rashid.

Deepika was discussing something about her scenes with the creative's and directors of the show. At that time Anas came and started poking his nose into the matter. Initially, Deepika ignored him and then requested him to stay away. But he refused to leave and continued to interfere after which she ended up slapping him.

According to our sources, "Four days back while shooting for a romantic scene Anas was supossed to hold Deepika from behind, he actually held her from front and touched her sensitive part. Deepika was stunned and shocked by this, but she somehow decided to finish the scene. Later she went to complain about this to her Director. Today a junior artist jokingly asked Deepika, if she was not even bothered when touched in the wrong area by a Anas. After this she again went to talk about it with the director,at that time Anas apparently barged into the picture & started abusing her onscreen wife. Deepika was irritated with his behaviour and slapped him."

Deepika and Anas do not see eye-to-eye and share only a professional rapport. We tried to get in touch with them, but they remained unavailable for comment.

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