March 27, 2015

#Swaragini: Will Lakshya save the respect of the Bose & Gadodia family?

Rashmi Sharma's popular show Swaragini on Colors will witness Shekhar-Ragini confrontation track..

Shekhar(Sachin Tyagi) feels responsible for hurting Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar) the most with the truth about the past. He finally tells her the real truth regarding her mother’s death, which shatters her faith in Dadi.

Lakshya(Namish Taneja) overhears this important information about the scandalous connection between the Bose and Gadodia family.

Let's see will Lakshya tell his father the whole truth or save the honor and respect of the Bose and Gadodia family.

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