March 11, 2015

#Swaragini: Swara to expose Lakshya in front of everyone..

Rashmi Sharma Telefilms recently launched show Swaragini on Colors' will soon witness a track where in Swara (Helly Shah) will try to expose Lakshya (Namish Taneja) true identity.

Till now we have seen, Gadodia family is busy in Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash Welingkar) and Lakshya's engagement ceremony. In the upcoming track, Swara will come to know that the guy who troubled her in the past is Lakshya and is getting married to Ragini.

To expose Lakshya's true colors's in front of everyone, Swara will ask him to call one of his friends. Lakshya's father forces him to call and put his phone on speaker mode. His friend will start talking in an ill mannered way about his parents. Everyone was surprised and shocked after this which will leave Lakshya's parents shocked and embarrassed.

After exposing Lakshya's true identity Swara will leave the venue. Then Lakshya's father convinced Ragini's family, request them to accept his son and promise them that Lakshya will leave all the bad habits.

Ragini's dadaji will agree, after which Ragini and Lakshya will complete ring ceremony.

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