May 05, 2015

Daadi and Gangaa’s off screen yaari

Looking at Sushmita Mukherjee’s character in &TV’s Gangaa no one would ever want to have such a dreadful elder at home! But the off screen scenario is a completely contrasting story.

Sushmita is seen bonding with li’l Ruhana Khanna, who plays Gangaa, on the sets every time they are together. “That little girl is a doll and I love her,” says Sushmita fondly.

Since the actress doesn’t have a daughter, she enjoys spending time with Ruhana and they talk about parents and grandparents. That’s not all! The two girls also have some crazy fun on the sets like jogging in their white saris! They go for a trot on the sets and chant, ‘Do vidhwaa jogging’ while at it.

Ruhana is also said to be very fond of Sushmita’s pet dog Rajkumari and asks about her every time, requesting Sushmita to get her on the sets.

Sushmita says, “I whine so much to the director that I don't want to torture young kid on the show and beg them to give me some motherly role because even if it’s all just an act I don’t want to be mean to her; she is such a sweet girl. Her mother is also a wonderful woman and raised her daughter really well.

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