June 20, 2017

When Benny Dayal’s date got #LAPATA

While out partying with you, a gangster’s daughter goes missing. Yes, he is trying to hunt you down. No, there is no way out. You either suffer from the shock of a hundred different ways that you could be killed, or you try to prolong your lifeline, by running around endlessly in the city, trying to find her. Going to the cops isn’t an option either. So, how do you find her? More importantly, how do you save your life? Ask Benny Dayal and Dub Sharma, and you would know exactly what to do.

As a part of a fresh venture – SWAGANUSAAR, an initiative by Benny Dayal and Dub Sharma, #LAPATA is the first, of an exciting list of fresh records, churned out by the two musical sensations. With Dub Sharma as his companion in the video, Benny Dayal describes the chase-and-run story mentioned above, in a fun, zippy and vibrant setting. The two men wanted to experiment with a newer and fresher approach to music videos. This special initiative, was a gutsy choice, seeing how easy it would have been for them, to approach a big label music record company. It was Mr. Rakesh Thakar, a.k.a. Raka, the top-notch director, whose peppiness gave way to an idea of parceling the music video in a short-story envelope. It was inevitable that the trio’s collaboration was going to break age old barriers on how audiences view music videos.
Directing music videos, filming motion pictures, creating successful campaigns, Raka has been there, done that. If having passion for storytelling brought him into the visual arena, creating award winning campaigns for MTV, Channel [V], STAR Network and 9X, took his achievements to an unprecedented height. After his successful collaboration with Benny Dayal, on the viral sensation “Tamil Fever”, a partnership was always on the cards because of their like-minded attitude for creating experimental content.Having founded Battalion, a creative studio boasting about associations with the biggest names in film and television, winning ABBY and Promax awards makes Raka one of the most sought after creative in building long lasting brand culture across generations. The #LAPATA track doesn’t feature fashionista women or flashy cars, and instead chooses to tell a story through its music. Being unconventional and constantly experimenting is the only way through which creatives can push boundaries and the trio is doing just that.
Whopping the internet chartbusters since its launch, #LAPATA has turned out to be a success story in itself. With a lot more to look forward to, from the magic bag of SWAGANUSAAR, we can be rest assured that the future of fresh music is in the safest pair of hands. So, we will have to wait and watch what this amazing trio has to offer in the next release of the album.

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