July 27, 2017

Magician Amey Sarang launched trailer of his 12 short films..

The Third Generation illusionist, Amey Shraddha Sarang, made a mark in the world of Magic through his 16 world and national records. He is attempting another such record by preparing a series of 12 short films within 12 days. Each of these short films will be based on various themes, including a tribute to mothers and social awareness issues also. It will also incorporate magic and magicians in the storyline. The talent of magicians is usually restricted to social gatherings but Sarang would like to give magic on grander scale on international level as well as create bigger platform for passionate talents from all kind of arts other than magic.

Amey Sarang, popularly known as AVS – The Third Generation Illusionist in the magic industry will be giving budding magicians an opportunity to introduce themselves in the world of magic through the AmeyZing Magic Club that focuses on encouraging youngsters as well as create awareness about this field. Those who are a part of this club will get an opportunity to know more about the art of magic and will get to learn and perform various magical acts. At the press conference, Amey Sarang enthralled the media with some of his magical and illusionist acts.

Also, Sarang launched his website that highlights magicians as entertainers with a name as AmeyZing Sarang; his first step in the field of entertainment is with a trailer launch of the short film series, AmeyZed – Dreams Become Reality Organisation’s and the Magic Club. Grandson of the well-known World's Greatest Magician Late Chandu The Great, Amey Sarang is actively involved in continuing the tradition of taking the family’s skill forward

Sarang’s short films of 10 min duration each will include themes like drama, thriller, romance, suspense, action, horror, emotional and a few more. It will provide acting opportunities for upcoming artists. Known for his exemplary work in the magic and entertainment industry, Amey Sarang has 3 international gold medals, youth icon of magic, Fastest Escapist, and more than 50 plus National and International certified awards.

Amey Sarang says, “Through my endeavor I would like to showcase how magicians can survive in the entertainment world as well. The idea generated from wrestler turn actor like Rock The Dwayne Johnson because of whom many wrestler are getting the opportunities in Hollywood movies. If a Indian Magician can make mark in world of entertainment then definatly the art will get the respect it deserves. I know it’s tough difficult and on paper a impossible task but these are the only reasons why I am aiming to do it. I will accept failure but I will always aim to do something unique like no one has ever aimed before and that’s what defines me. These are avenues for them to participate and showcase their talent. The newly created website highlights Magicians as entertainers and all those who are passionate about magic can be a part of the Magic club.”

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