March 15, 2018

Singer Savaniee's ACCESS DENIED!

Savaniee Ravindra, a singer, who rose to fame with the much-loved song ‘Tu Mala Me Tula…’, woke up to one of the most feared news for any celebrity artist, of her Official Facebook Page being hacked, by an anonymous user.

According to sources, the account was hacked on the night of 14th March. Savaniee must have received an email the very moment, but, since it was past midnight, she must not have checked it immediately. As soon as she saw the email next morning, she called the Facebook Head office to report the incident.

Fortunately, the hacker didn’t post anything but Savaniee’s Official Page is nowhere to be seen and now her personal account has been secured with a new, tight password. Cases of hacking celebrity accounts/pages, these days, are increasing and this is a big reason to worry about any artist.

Savaniee says, “A few months back only, one of my friend’s accounts was hacked. While the hacker changed her details and added some nonsense stuff. I was lucky enough to survive this time though; I have lost access to my official page for now, but that will recover soon. But, it’s really a nightmare to know your account getting hacked. Our (An Artist’s) reputation is at stake if, for some evil happiness, a person misuses the official accounts. I have already reported it to the concerned people and I hope the hacker is caught soon.”

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