April 18, 2018

'Mon Amar Tor Kinare' lyrics and translation

Mon amar tor kinare, haralo din dahare,
Se to ar manche na re, ebar bhalobaste aaye..

My mind lost itself in the middle of the day at your edges,
It’s not listening to me anymore, come to love me..

Tor chayar songee hobo, duhate prem kurobo,
Amake chupti kore moner kotha bolte aaye..
Ami jete pari hesei perote pari onek onek otol,
Tor kotha uthe amar kopale jote darun khushir dol,
Ke tui bol?

I’d accompany your shadow, collect your love with both my hands,
Come, silently express your mind to me!
I can cross the infinity laughing for you,
When you come up in the topics, happiness gathers in my fate,
Who are you?

Urte chawar icche holei elam kache tor,
Urte bose tui takale moner e shohor..
Ektu durei dakche jibon, jacchi chole tai,
Vabchi koto akchi toke rong-bahanay..

I came to you as soon as I felt like flying,
The city in mind sets off to fly, whenever you look..
The life is calling me from not far away, and so I keep going,
Thinking about the various ways I portrayed you in colourful excuses..

Jodi mone dhore amay songe kore megher muluke chol,
Tor kotha uthe amar kopale jote darun khusir dol,
Ke tui bol?

If you like me, take me, let’s go to the abode of the clouds,
When you come up in the topics, happiness gathers in my fate,
Who are you?

Tor aancholer gondhe ache chinte parar sukh,
Tanle kache lojjate tor nemeche chibuk..
Kolponader askara diy, icche gache jol,
Olpo alor olpo chayar golpo amay bol..

There is bliss of recognition in the fragrance of your fringe,
When I pulled you closer, your chin went down in shame.
I cultivate my imagination, water my wishes,
Tell me the story of lights and shadows, my love.

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